Painting and Line Paneling

Hey all,
So I’ve been running into an issue painting and line paneling. I have been painting my models with care first and then trying to come back over it with my fine gundam marker for line paneling. However, especially on the 1/144 models, a little paint always seems to sneak into the cracks creating bumps. I have tried using my exacto knife to clean the cracks out but without much success. When I do the panel-lining, these bumps knock me out of the crevasses and my lines end up looking like crap. It’s also a pain to get the black marker to come off the painted sections and I have to go over it again several times with paint to hide the mistakes. I got all excited to paint a 1/44 Gundam RX-78 but it looks pretty newbish. I’ll likely have to strip it down and start from scratch if possible. Any tips aside from not sucking at painting the main coat?

How are you applying the paint for the base coat?

I’m using the Sharpie white paint pen and going over the plastic a few times. Whites overall have been giving me issues but the finished result of the paint pen is pretty consistent.

I’ve never painted large areas with paint pens before so I don’t know for sure about this, but it sounds like the paint from the pen is ending up too thick. Got a pic of a particular affected area?

Also, you don’t want to try out painting with the usual jars of hobby paints?

I’ll try to post a pic when I get home from work. I think you’re probably right. I’ve painted wood exclusively before I tried gundam models so I’m use to working with thicker paint. I have a brand new set of testor’s hobby paint but I’m waiting to get a desk and set up a hobby station before I crack it open. I’m currently working on my bed and using the inside of boxes as a paint catch -_-

Ah, that makes sense. Hobby paints are generally not as thick so you’ll encounter this problem less once you start using them. Shame about where your working on kits, though. It sounds tough working on your bed, haha.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that set of paint you got is enamel, right?

Sorry for not getting back sooner…work has been a bitch… I believe the set I got is enamel. I haven’t even opened the packaging on it yet -_- I finished the model and i’ll try to get a pick up here soon. I hit a few other snags like the stickers being so small and old they were impossible to work with, even with fine tweezers.

I feel your pain, man. Work is picking up for me too and I’m getting home feeling too tired to do anything else than vege out.

You can still paint with enamel, but just be aware that it will take two days or more for the stuff to dry and cure properly. Regarding the stickers, I’ll just say that I’d rather use waterslides because they can be very difficult to work with.

Ok here some pics of the finished product…Again it was the old RX-78 kit so there were some issues with parts being symmetrical like the left foot. I took some close ups of parts where the white paint filled in the lining. The back of the helmet has some detail left but it was impossible to follow those lines without straying. The shins had detail lining too but they are virtually invisible. The one cool part about this project I liked is that I used metal flake in the paint for the beam saber and when the light catches it just right it looks pretty good. I’m going to work on making the shade into a more pinkish hue and making a light green one as well.

I’ll be honest with you, I was expecting something disastrous. Those pics there do not show something disastrous, haha. For a really old kit, your paint job on it looks okay considering the options you were using.