paint that oxidizes?

my buddy told me about a paint that oxidizes? if any of you know anything about this could you tell me how it works? i wanting to do a rusty Ez8 but, since i built the kit when i was younger it already has the decals put on :frowning: so i would like to avoid a whole respray?

Don’t have a clue. BTW how did you manage to post with the whole hack deal?

hack deal? this is news to me.

edit: i see it now… must be because i saved the URL to the forum section? i bypass the home page.

That explains a lot. Anyway, as for your rust deal, I have heard of some paints made so as to add a weathered effect to a kit, but not one that can make rust.

alright if i find anything out, i’ll let you guys know about it. :smiley:

Well, the car guys use a product called rustall, but it is a labor intensive 4 part process. It will also ‘rust’ the entire part. if you just want to add rusty streaks or parts, look for a paint called sophisticated finishes. I buy it at either hobby lobby or Michaels. It consists of one ‘paint’ that contains iron particales and another that oxidizes it. You can thin the ‘iron’ paint to create streaks and runs or glob it on to create rusty chunks. This might be what you are looking for. If you want, I can take some pics of some of the car bodies I have used this ‘paint’ on

Ok, took a bit to find it, but here is a model car that I experimented with the sophisticated finishes paint on. I thinned the ‘iron’ paint quite abit as it is very thick and I thought it looked unrealistic. The ‘iron’ paint is water based so I thinned it with iso alcohol. You let it dry and then add the oxidizer solution. You can control the amount of rusting by the amount of oxidizer you use.

I went a bit heavier with everything on the inside of the body as I figured it had been covered by a tarp and would retain more moisture inside than on the outside.

The Sophisticated Finishes paint works really well to simulate rust. I think it looks much better than the old baking soda mixed with paint process.

Sorry about the crappy cellphone pics. I was cleaning and organizing the model room and didn’t want to stop to get out the camera and light box.

Hey, that does look pretty nice. Doesn’t sound like it needed much to apply either and it’s water-based so it’s easy to clean up. Excellent results.

That is awesome! I was looking for an alternative to making my own rust. This might be it!

Here is what the bottles look like.

Like I said, I have found it at both Micheals and Hobby Lobby if you have any near you.

Very sophisticated. I might have to check if Micheal’s has it next time I go there.

I found something similar. Was checking out videos on youtube and a submarine builder suggested this stuff. You mix it with either activator or regular vinegar and it rust as it cures.

Can’t wait to try it out on my Kong!

I should probably update this thread haha. well i found something similar to the stuff you guys showed. I ended up using Deluxe Materials’ Scenic Rust on my Ez8.

mix powder with binder(glue) paint where you want it and then let dry then apply the “rust applicator” solution to where you applied the rust. let sit for 8 hours (or more) and you get some pretty nice rust effects. the video i saw from them showed applying it before the paint then chipping away the paint where they had applied the rust. it looked really cool. i plan to use it on the underside of my Buick GNX if i ever get back on track to finish it haha.

^So it’s basically pigment powder?

Forgot about this thread, but here’s what that iron paint i got looks like. I can’t wait to get back to working on my kong!

each picture is about 20 minutes apart, with the last one being a few hrs later.

Should note that all of my armor pieces had texture added, so it’d probably be alot smoother.

Here it is on a failed glyos figure i was doing. Didn’t like the look so i striped it afterwards.

not sure what pigment powder is but, this stuff’s powder felt like finely grinded metal flakes. so maybe the rust applicator is an oxidation accelerator.