Paint removal

I’m wondering what is the best acrylic lacquer paint remover that won’t destroy gunpla or any other stuff you put it on. I’m tired of buying a small bottle of acrylic lacquer thinner that then doubles as a cleaner and want to buy just a big amount of a solid paint thinner/remover

People use various things like Purple Power, Brake Fluid, Easy Off oven Cleaner. Personally I like Testors Elo (easy lift off) paint/ decal removal. I brush it on with a paint brush and let it sit for 30-60 minutes (depending on how many layers of paint) and the paint will crinkle, then I scrub it with a toothbrush and clean the fine details with a plastic toothpick. After that I scrub the part in a bath of hot water and soap then let dry. The only downside is Testors ELO is very messy.

I use Tamiya paint removal. Works fine for tamiya acrylic

A over night bath is Dettol works most of the time for me.

Try 91% alcohol, it work for me!