Paint Removal

Hey guys, question for yall. I have an old HG Freedom that I painted a little messing around a few years ago, and just want to strip the paint off of. The paint on it is Testors enamel. I have read a few places about using Simple Green concentrate, or Purple Power. I know the Purple Power is supposed to work better, but can have a lot of fumes, and be rough on the skin. Anyone have any experience with either of these? (I want to customize the base kit a bit, since I cut on it a while ago, and would rather take it back to bare plastic first.) Thanks guys!

Soak the parts in either of those for around twenty four hours, come back with a tooth brush, scrub away, and rinse.

I use power purple. Stuff works really well on enamels. I haven’t had it harm my hands, just don’t dip your hands in the stuff for a period of time. And wash them when you’re done and you’ll be fine.

I used concentrated Simple Green before on some parts coated with Vallejo Primer and some paint. I did just what Bossguy posted, but I left mine in soaking for a few days. After that, brushed and scrubbed it all away.

Alright, thanks for the info guys. I’ll take a trip to the local Walmart later on, and pick some up.

Yup, I have a purple pond and a tub of 91% alcohol. The 91% alcohol is for Tamiya spray paints. Purple power or simple green will not touch Tamiya sprays. 91% does a decent job, but it still takes a couple of days to get it all off. I would still wear latex or rubber gloves when using purple power. I have had it strip my skin after mild contact. You skin won’t really peel as much as rub off.