Paint advise needed.

I’m going through the manual on the VF-25 Superparts to see what colors I need to paint it (a Lot) and I’m having a problem with this part:

According to the manual. This is what it should look like after painting:

And here’s the actual part:

I have no idea why Bandai did not mold this part in White to start with. First. You pretty much have to re-paint the whole thing white but getting good coverage with a airbrush to overcome the red is going to be a pain. Then you have to go back and hand paint each of the missile tips red again. Anyone have a better idea?

Mask or tack the tops of each missle and then spray with white? That might work.

You can also do the opposite using Silly Putty (or Blu-Tak) and mask away all of the white, leaving only the tips of the missiles exposed, then spray with red. Might give you more control too in terms of how much paint you want on the tips, since you’re masking from the bottom up.

Could always do it by paint brush. Gives you more control.

The blu-tak maybe a good idea. Will give that a try. Worst case will be hand painting. There’s a lot of them and that would only be the tip of an iceberg since when I eventually move onto the full Armored kit. There will be tons more to do. ;-(

I would honestly do what Wolfe said. Spray the whole piece white, then go over it with a small brush and red paint. I’ve tried blue-tak before, and it just leaves a mess.