Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim Is absolutely amazing!!!

that is all…

Man I want to see it so bad. But I dont have a cinema in my town and I dont own a car.

And it hasn’t been announced for us yet, but hey, if people say it’s good, I’m willing to believe.

I want to go see it as well. But I just can’t get my wife to agree to it. She isn’t into Mech stuff and refuses to see it.

I’ll probably go tonight if my plans get cancelled.

Same problem I have, but im making plans with friends to go watch it. I really like GDT movies

I have no friends to go see it with, so I’ll just either buy it or rent it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Polaris speaks the truth. Pacific Rim is the dream movie that mecha fans didn’t even know they had. Everyone involved with this film poured their heart and soul into it and all their hard work really payed off. From the wondrous creature and mechanical designs, to the superb acting from the cast, to the gripping story…everyone who sees this movie is in for a treat. Go see it as soon as possible!

This movie was everything I could ask for. If they do a big O movie, they should do it like this.

BOOOM! Same here! Whelp thanks to this, this will open the door considerably for a bunch of hopefully anime into the US. I smell the 2nd Boom of Anime!

Don’t get your hopes to up you don’t want the next Gundam to be like Transformers.

From what I have heard Pacific Rim didnt do very well in the box office or am I mistaken?

Not good enough. The domestic sale is horrid compared to the international sale and it hasn’t broke even. And honestly I’d be surprised if it did manage to break even.

I dont get how people can choose Grown ups 2 over Pacific Rim. Bloody stupid people. It will brake even just barely but hopefully the bluray dvd sales will prop it up. it is such a shame. A heavy blow to future mecha movies and scifi stuff in general. Del Toro generally makes gorgeous movies that for some reason audiences do not seem to watch. Bloody shame it is his movies are extremely visually striking and never seem to go the way you expect them to.

To be fair, Pacific Rim’s second half was literally the same as the last Avengers movie. Down to the T: how the Jaeger is lost and the pilot comes back (remind anyone of Iron Man closing that portal?).

I know that it’s unfair to focus on the narrative quality of the movie, but at the end of the day, the production was amazing but the story had much lacking. That and the characters were really cardboard quality; Mako Mori was so stereotypically Asian-Woman (Lots of people I know took great offensive to it), and the guy (I don’t even remember his name, not that his name was remotely relevant) had such little depth. That and their romance was weak, stupid, and too forced.

Gundam Animated! catchy theme song

Gundam: Gundam and roll out, Gundams!

Zaku2S: Grr! Curse you Gundam! I will have my revenge!

Gundam MkII: Argh! Gundam… like, chill out, duuuude!

Gundam: Pull yourself together, Mark 2!

Strike Gundam: arrives What I miss! Lemme blow em away!

Okay, we don’t want this.

Nah, I mean them having a main character like Transformer’s main character. Can you imagine that. Hollywood seems to be fastinated with loser boy goes to high school and sucks at life until he chosen as a Gundam pilot.

If that happened what you said I would lose and burn every theater playing that film along with fellow angry Gundam fans.

A wallflower

I would do the same if a Dragon Ball Evolution sequel comes up. OMG. I just ruined my own day. LOL

Like every other live action film based on an anime.
I’m looking at Dragon Ball Evolution.

But you’re right, Bayformers would get a perfect score if they didn’t include a wimp as the main protagonist.
I once said Bayformers should be known as “Unstable teens that hang out with the 'Formers”.

Oh the Witwicky things wasnt as bad as his attempts at “humour”. really racist transformers? Balls? Humping? All the other little bits of stupid things? They should have made them more serious. Basically like the last part of the 2nd one and parts of the 3rd one. Bay just cant do comic relief. He should quit trying. Its not funny or appropriate. Also the Tongue-former was just crazy thing in the 2nd one. Just no. no. no .no