P-Bandai - Explanation

Hey all,

Can anyone explain P-Bandai purchases to me? I really like the new MG Heavy Arms (Ingel Equipment). The issue I have, is that the purchase window is only open for 8 days. I likely won’t get the money to purchase him for a few weeks.

Is this standard of P-Bandai orders? I notice that the RG Talgeese 3 and Shenlong (EW) Liaoya Unit are still available, even after their window has closed.

Will I have an opportunity to purchase this after said window closes?

Thanks in advance everyone (Link below for details)!

You’ll have to go through someone else to get it, the way BlueFin is doing it kind of sucks.

P-Bandai purchases can only be made in Japan, or with a site/person that can buy and ship to you. I’m in the same boat with the MG F90. More than likely, you’ll have to make your purchase from Amazon or Ebay after it’s released for a slightly higher price. A third party seller will definitely stock up on them and you’ll be able to get them that way. Were you planning on using a buying service like buyee or samurai buyer?

From what someone told me, there are basically “batch” or “wave”, however you wish to call it, of the P-Bandai stuffs. So likely, the closing date was for the first batch being offered through Blue Fin. Same thing probably happened with Shenlong as they were closed, but there was Anime Expo and SDCC in bound, so they open them hoping for more order. Not sure when they will be starting to ship them after release date though.

You can try to see if they will still offer it couple weeks after the closing, again, same with Shenlong. Or if you do not wish to gamble it, maybe ask someone that you trust to purchase one for you and you pay them back later. Though Blue Fin only takes credit card, no PayPal or anything, maybe that will change later.

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Zeon, P Bandai has been brought to the states now via Blue Finn. No need to do that anymore. At least in regards to what they’re offering at the moment

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It’s meant to be limited. Maybe they’re not getting a lot of orders so that’s why they’ve extended the first releases. I found that odd too.

the choice is awful. I’ve been really crushing on the F90 coming out here pretty soon. Wish they’d beef up their presence in the States. We don’t get any love out here!

I think they will over time. Probably just a trial run for now. I hope so anyway

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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There is also this new site USA Gundam store or something like that (sarcasm) and they sell P-Bandai. So check them out as well, they also seam to be the new sponsor for this site so check them out.

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Yeah I shop with them too :slight_smile: I’m going to check it out and see if they will be selling it.

It is a kit that i definitely want.

Hey CycoXIII, don’t feel too bad if you miss out on it this time around, since P-Bandai kits do get reissued periodically.

Ok so some clarification here because there’s some misinformation.

Premium bandai are generally limited production kits exclusively released online via reservation on the premium bandai webshop. Many releases are exclusive to japan how ever other countries do have premium bandai webshops as well.

Outside a few releases, most premium bandai kits are not distributed to the US markets. What that means is that US distributors (in our case Bluefin) cant get kits at the whole sale prices that standard kits come at. Which means in order for US retailers to get them that have to purchase them from Japanese sources who already mark them up, and that markup gets marked up again so that the US sellers can actually make a tiny profit. That sucks for US shops and for US consumers.

That said, if you’re looking to buy a pbandai kit after it releases you’re doing nothing but guaranteeing you’re paying more than you could be. There a few very reliable shops that allow you to preorder premium bandai kits for very little mark up plus the cost of shipping from Japan. The average cost I pay for a premium bandai master grade is about $70-$85 shipped. ($72 for the upcoming mg hazel ii and $83 for the recently released RE-GZ Custom). However there’s something to be said about ordering from a US based shop that you can easily reach out to if there are any issues.

Here’s to hoping that pbandai gets full distribution to the states in the near furure. But unfortunately there’s a lot of truth in the “stubborn old fashioned” Japanese business culture.