Overrated MS


Since I am unable to tell if we have ever had any thread similar to this, I’ve decided to open this.
To start concisely, I’ll start off with :

Red Frame Astray:

To be honest, seeing it for the first time, I perceived it to be very orignal and appealing. However, time has passed and I’ve changed my mind; This suit is literally exalted by the community for convincing reason.
It’s a buffed up prototype with swords and a lousy range weapon. Furthermore, its intended style of combat only leads to it being incurred to (adversary) attacks (C.E. isn’t really a melee-friendly universe).
On another note, it isn’t even exceedingly fast.
On the other hand, its operator is a huge plus. He is capable of modifying and adjusting the suit to his demands and plans.

Deathscythe Hell Katoki :

Compared to its counterpart (TV Version), it does not feature any advantages. Symbolism aside, I don’t understand how a scythe is to be useful in stealth combat. To elaborate on that, I assume its scythe does not bear the ability to transform unlike its TV counterpart.
tl;dr it’s weak for it is contrived for stealth combat and exterminating grunts by stealth.
The blitz is better.

Standard Zeon MS (not the custom ones) :

Overrated cannon fodder. Good pilots, though.

00 Qant :

Screw the fans. (I’d have to go on /m/ in order to find out why again)

Discuss and contribute.

Standard Zeon MS (not the custom ones)

I cant say i agree with this one at all. But i guess thats obvious. What do you not like about them?

Id add the RX-78-2 i like the idea to make it modular to have the G armor and guntank and guncannon be interchangeable but even in the show you never saw the like the gundam top on the guncannons bottom it just does not make practical sense to have the entire thing cole apart to just for that. And also the way the core fighter installs into the them does not make sense either. Why have the entire thing separate when you can have the fighter just plug into the back. Its way more complicated than it needs to be.

Are we talking about the designs or the mobile suit’s performance and practicality?

Thats what i thought we were talking about. Or is it based on looks alone? If you want to talk about performance and practicality ive started a thread on that talking point.

Zaku II. - Why does everyone love this thing? Yes it’s nice suit but I mean it totally isn’t a good in the timeline of the show. I mean it’s supposed to be char’s classic mobile suit but he ditches it pretty quick so that’s a load of rubbish. It’s outclassed in the show horrendously quickly. The GM’s are better and it can’t even scratch the RX-78-2.

RX-78-2 - Yes this one. I dislike that whenever a new kind of kit comes out they always release this first. It’s not an interesting suit. There’s nothing cool about it. I don’t really care that much if it started everything.

I agree on the red frame. Never cared about that suit at all. I honestly don’t see what the big deal about it is…

Primarily popularity emanating from both performance and design.
To rephrase the thread’s title : “MS getting too much love”

To answer the other question, Ultra has already pointed that one out splendidly :

Why does everyone love this thing? Yes it’s nice suit but I mean it totally isn’t a good in the timeline of the show. I mean it’s supposed to be char’s classic mobile suit but he ditches it pretty quick so that’s a load of rubbish. It’s outclassed in the show horrendously quickly. The GM’s are better and it can’t even scratch the RX-78-2.

considering that we enter the story in the second half of the war, he didnt ditch it quickly, but by the second half of the war there were a lot of new suits and prototypes that performed much better than zakuII. considering that its been only the second mass produced MS at this point with Zaku I being the first. GM is considerably more advanced because Earth Federation took all the Zeon tech it could find, improved upon it and came up with a better design. Real world example is german tank Panzer IV, it was one of the best tanks at the start of the war however by 1942/43 it was badly outclassed by newer soviet tanks so germany produced all kinds of new tanks. Or the same could be said about fighter planes in WW2, the war started with most planes barely able to break 600 kilometres per hour speed barrier, a lot of them were still wood and cloth with rare aluminium skin. By the end of the war fighters were flying much faster, longer and had all metal bodies with some countries even fielding some of the first jet aircraft. Technology moves much faster during wartime than any point in time in human history.

As for overrated MS, I think ZZ gundam was overrated, it just seemed so clumsy and over the top.

Yeah i’d forgotten about that. Thanks for the info.

Katamuro read my mind.

I’m probably going to catch a lot of crap for this, but… Destroy Mode Unicorn. It might have something to do with all the hassle that original MG kit gave me, but the transformation just kills it for me.
And then the full armor mode just went and dug the hole deeper.

That being said, I don’t mind it now as much as the Banshee or Phenex. They’re basically the same thing, but with dumb v-fins (if you can even call them that) and different weapons.

Now that’s what I call a good choice.
The Unicorn is waaayyy overhyped by unknowledgeable people in the gundam community. (The games are making it even worse)

I never liked it much, its just too powerful, I get it that is what it supposed to be but man I just dont like something that is so powerful yet isnt used to its fullest. Plus transformation does kinda look bad. Its probably me having the same gripe as about other transformable mobile suits, real machines of war dont just have so many weak parts to allow for transformation. I get modular mobile suits, and even stuff like Variable Fighters from Macross since they are not as durable as mobile suits. But transformable mobile suits like Z, ZZ and others are just not right. Sure Z looks cool, but if taking into account that the UC mobile suits started out as more realistically designed war machines…

The suits in Wing, all of them, even the ones I like (Tallgeese I,II,III, Heavyarms, and Epyon) mainly the main ones, I just think both the EW Versions and the TV versions of them both look, pretty bad on average. You really don’t see the hype here, but go anywhere else were there are allot of US Gundam fans and you’ll see it. IMO they just look, meh, they either are plain as hell (Weird I know, my favorite is the HA, but it pulls it off) or too damn over the top (Looking it you, DSH, DSH EW, and Wing Zero Custom)

Personally, even though I like it, I can see the Unicorn Overhyping as well, that said, I love the hell out of it, but I can see where it’d come off as Overated for sure.

Also I’d like to mention, the Qan[T], and 00 Raiser as well, god those things are overhyped, and over powered to all hell.

My biggest gripe with the whole 00, is that those suits allow for quantum teleportation by mistake. Plus Quant never really got much of a screen time. All those abilities of 00 and Quant that made them OP were basically unforeseen consequences of engineering something like that. It made it cheaper than it should have been.

Let’s see. I actually like the mobile suits that I have in my mind, but here are my thoughts about them being overrated.

Zeta Gundam - The father of all transforming Gundams. It looks nice, but as you watch a detailed transformation of it, you’ll see that it’s just a hollow shell with lots of moving parts. It’s ability to channel the souls of the dead and increase its power tremendously is stupid in a real robot genre.

Unicorn Gundam - I like this suit due to it’s simple(?) design. It’s really an eye candy for me. As its popularity grows, people tend to make themselves feel good about this Gundam by creating versus threads without really understanding the difference of U.C. elements against other universes. People treat the NT-D to be effective against all different kinds of human evolutions across the other Gundam universes. From what I’ve seen on episodes 1 to 6, it’s really not that powerful as fans claim it to be, which I think is a good thing.

00 Raiser - It might be obvious to my avatar, this is my current favorite Gundam. However, I still think there’s something stupid in this suit. Trans-Am technology was OK for me. It’s powerful, but it has disadvantages which was learned by the enemies and was able to counter it through strategic attacks. The quantization/teleportation surprised me, but I was able to forgive its overpowered abilities because in the end, it was defeated. Reborns Gundam defeated 00 Raiser. My only gripe was the Trans-Am burst. It’s a deus ex machina that can heal cancer, make people feel warmth and love, and make sadistic “bad” people feel sick. Even the bad Innovades were affected negatively. LOL

00 Quanta - To be honest, it’s another eye candy for me. I love the design of this suit. However, it doesn’t have that much screen time for me to love it. All it did was just to use the more pronounced GN Sword not as a sword but as a rifle. After watching the film, I was like, “Is that it?” Then, rumors broke out that in the manga version or something like that, that it can stop the whole ELS attack on its own as seen on a computer simulation. I don’t consider that canon. I think that it’s just a ruse to compensate itself for the lack of screen time in the film which is very very very weak to redeem the unit’s disgrace. I still plan to get an HG kit out of it. LOL

The 00 Qan [T] Full Saber is supposed beat the whole ELS invasion but it didn’t account for the ELS’s regeneration abilities. It’s more powerful than the 00 Qan [T] and the manga 00 Qan [T] ELS is a nightmare it can create 00 Raiser’s effortlessly. I agree with you the 00 Qan [T] Full Saber should have appeared with more screen time then did the peace thing. But the whole movie was about peace and understanding.

Honestly the ELS is not a good enemy to test the 00 Qan [T] abilities against we need another mecha opponent like Ribbon’s and Decarte.

The GP-03 is overrated in my opinion. Even with the I- field it would have been an easy target for guns and missiles

Deathscythe: has a scythe, and head vulcans. It can turn invisible. Doesn’t really have much practicality, because even though it’'s designed for covert ops, I can’t imagine a massive machine going out and being stealthy. Even if he’s invisible, you should be able to hear him moving, operating, and running. It just kinda doesn’t make sense.

Heavyarms: Never has enough ammo. I like the design, but it really just wouldn’t be effective against anything except for grunts.

Wing Zero Custom: Never fights an enemy MS, gets it’s butt smashed by Nataku, and gets shredded by grunts in the movie. And is loved by fans because…? It shoots a bunker. That’s literally the only significant existence.

I’ve noticed that most of the Wing Gundams are only good against grunts, if they were to face any enemy with actual skill and a solid MS, they’d be wrecked.

GM Sniper II: We never get to see what it looks like while using a sniper rifle, we can’t know how it shoots. The original GM sniper uses a long rifle, which has more power than the II’s sniper rifle. Shouldn’t the II be stronger?

Arios Gundam: I love this mobile suit, but it’s literally just suck. Allelujah really screws himself over, because he sucks in second season, for the most part. It gets like 3 upgrades throughout the entire show, and still can barely stand up to the enemies. The GN archer as a support, the backpack and the extra boosters/missiles. That’s a lot of equipment, and produces small results.

Last (for now) but definitely not least, Justice Gundam: I re-watched SEED recently, and it really didn’t do much without the meteor. That’s about all I need to say.

Justice is the king of melee in SEED; it’s perfectly matched to its pilot. The thing hardly even gets scratched until Athrun sets its self-destruct off at the end.

Other than that and the GM Sniper II, RuinedExia18’s list looks pretty good to me.

I’ll add the Astray and GP03 for reasons already given as well.

As for the people talking about the Zeta, it’s a speedy hit and run type and Kamille uses it as such. It being a bit flimsy internally isn’t much of a problem for its intended role. Being flimsy is more of a problem for something big and slow like the ZZ.

Yeah, and was the ZZ’s internals more flimsy than the Z originally was.

Also if you’re a good pilot, you should avoid getting hit.

IIRC Quattro said, “If you want to stop getting hit, stop messing up.”