Outamyhead's work in progress thread

Well here is my work so far on Shenlong 1/144, not going to use the foil decals, they look tacky, and don’t last very long before they start peeling and going horrible. This is also my first time using my airbrush, and painting a Gundam, I’m using Tamiya paints and thinner, the only thing that came from a can was the primer (I bought some Model Master white, and grey primer for the airbrush next time), and I plan on using Model Master semi-gloss for the top coat (I couldn’t find Alclad semi-gloss, they didn’t even have flat top coat).

Head pieces in flat white

Front skirt, fore arm sections, and main torso painted up flat blue

Rear skirt

Leg parts painted up flat white

Shield inner section painted up, over sprayed a little, but I might be able to fix that with another go at it.

Ah, working on a Shenlong or Altron Gundam I see. I have the old Shenlong 1/144 kit. It’s in bad shape. Looks like your painting is going very well.

Yeah couple of mishaps with a little over spray, I have been messing about with pressure, distance, and how much paint I’m allowing to go through, only using 15-18psi, but I think I’m starting to get an idea on how to use double action now, was nervous at first about using the airbrush I was almost putting it off, but the paint mix went well, and I’m following the guides on how to maintain and clean the airbrush after use (pulling the needle out the front was great advice from one guy, pulls out so much junk with the needle, instead of further into the airbrush).

Nice progress. Any difficulty spraying the white?

Had to do two coats with the flat white, that may have been inexperience of using the airbrush though, gloss red, and the blue have been one session of paint and done.

White is hard to use on anything but white. And even then it can be annoying to use. I kinda dread using it myself.

That’s actually not bad, considering it’s flat white. The main thing to make it easier is to not use white-colored primer or else you’ll never know how much you’ve painted.

Did you prime the parts or sprayed on bare plastic?

I used a can of Tamiya grey surface primer spray.

Oh yeah, you mentioned it in your first post and I missed it. What kind of grey primer for the AB are you thinking of getting?

I bought some Model Master primer, I was looking for Vallejo at the store, since they had all the small color bottles and from what I have seen of it online the paint and the primer appear to be good, so I got what I could find, the Tamiya shelf didn’t have any either besides the spray cans. I might buy the Vallejo primer from Amazon, since they stock or third party the 100ml bottle.

Vallejo Surface Primer is good stuff, although it can be challenging to spray. I’ve never had issues with it, but a couple of people here have.

You can try buying it from spruebrothers.com. That’s where I get all of my Vallejo stuff.

Got some work done last night, didn’t have time to have another go at the shield.

Got some color on the head vulcan cannons.

Front skirt came out pretty good, just needed some small dabs of paint to fix what the masking tape made uneven around the edges, fore arm sections have had the finishing touch before top coat.

Side skirts had some small work done to paint what are the plate hinges, also painted up the claw blades, and the black edge for the claw lenses/eyes.

Breast plate is done, not sure how this will turn out for panel lining, paint went on a little thick around what is the top collar piece, lesson learned again I guess.

face plate is almost done lenses/eyes need some paint, main torso is done and ready for top coat.

Unless you sprayed really heavily to the point where you don’t see the lines anymore, they will still be there for lining.

I almost forgot how chalky Tamiya flat paints can be. Even their Flat Black can look chalky.

Some really nice progress man. Looking really good. It surprises me how chalky they are like Dlinker said. Guess I won’t be using those very much.

Haha, you can still use flat colors, but you may have to add some Tamiya Clear or even Future to remove the chalky look.

Yeah flat colors are more chalky than I expected, are there any good acrylic based flat paints, I have a bunch of old Citadel colors I haven’t looked at since I packed them up to move.

Well Shenlong is kind of finished, I’ll post the rest of the photos in the completed thread, but I’m waiting on some Gundam markers to show up, as I’m not going any further with the panel lining, after finding out that doing them with thinned down paint doesn’t work on the more subtle areas.

Semi-Gloss worked out okay, actually smoothed out the flat paint, and gave it a good finish, although I think I need to look into thinning the top coat down next time, or getting a paint retarder, as it was very eager to clog up the airbrush.

Looks really good from that picture man. The thinned paint might have worked a bit better had you used a gloss top coat. Semi-Gloss still retains a little texture to dull down the sheen. So the thinned paint would still have an issue going over it smoothly.

Sorry, forgot to answer your question about flat paints. You can try Vallejo Model Color/Game Color/Model Air and Model Masters Acryl. I’ve only used Vallejo, though, and their flat paints don’t have a chalky appearance.

Okay been a while since I mentioned anything about my current WIP, working on Wing Gundam 1/144, already not happy with the testors primer, it is coming away with the paint I applied, while trying to take the masking tape off, so there are some already evident patches on the shield you will see, once I get the photos up.

Going to go with gold on the wing leading edges, and the small parts.

Since I started on this a month ago, and didn’t have time to get back to it, I thought I would experiment with pre-panel lining before prime and paint, looks okay so far, might do them after priming in future.

Also bought a moisture trap for the airbrush end of the hose from local-ish hobby and craft store (got it for under $20 with a coupon), was getting a glop of atomized moisture when I was just going for air, will see how that goes tonight, brush was working well apart from that, I think I’m finally getting the knack of it, just need to refine my paint and thinner mix, and see if I can get the enamel thinner instead of the acrylic from what I have read of other guys work with Tamiya paint.