Other Veterans on here?

I’m a Afghanistan vet here. U.S. Marine Corps and was wondering if there other vets on here regradless of conflict,Branch , and country of origin?

My MOS was 5811/5812 Military Police /Military Working Dog Handler.

I haven’t deployed for any conflicts yet, but I am in the service myself. Air Force to be more specific and 28 Feb will be the one year mark for me.

I know a number of folks who work with MWDs. It’s amazing how much training goes into preparing the canines and what all they’re capable of.

So what brought you to Lakewood, WA? I was actually up in Seattle until I entered AD. Were you working out of Ft. Lewis at all?

No I never work at Ft. Lewis I’m out now (Honorable Discharge) and Lakewood is my home. so what do you do in the AF.

Thank you for your service to our country and to my freedom, which allows me to sit here, type, build models, and live my life. My cousin was with the Army for some time, and wants to go into law enforcement/SWAT.

My career field is public affairs. Between community relations and getting out the base news, things stay pretty interesting.

Marine Aviation ordinance i EASed in 2011 now i just do gunsmithing as a hobby.

Army 11B infantry, 92A automated logistical specialist, 88M Truck driver one deployment was active now reserve miss it every day