One last note about GSAM and Gundamforums relations

Hello all, in light of the recent thread disputing an order at Gundam Store and More I’d like to make a few things clear in regards to this forum’s relationship to GSAM.

  1. No employee’s of GSAM (other than me ) are ever on this forum.
  2. This forum is not intended to be a GSAM forum. It is intended as a free service to the Gundam Community.
  3. I (m1ck3y) do not in any way have the authority to handle any issues not-relating to the forum.

So please, if you have a specific issue with a Gundam Store and More Order, contact them. It’s just an awkward position wherein I can’t help you with your problem, and at the same time GSAM has agreed to host this forum free of charge, so it looks bad to have threads on here bashing them. I do not want to restrict anyones right to free speech, but I do want everyone to know that posting on here is not a good solution for GSAM store related problems.

Now, Kamari13, it is my understanding that your problem has already been taken care of for a while now, So I locked that thread. If there is anything else you need from GSAM, please feel free to call or e-mail them directly, I’m sure they’ll take care of you.


Hi M1ck3y I think everyone read a little to much into to that thread because like I said a handful of times I posted that in case someone else may have had the same problem :sunglasses: as for the issue has been taken care of and don’t take this the wrong way and I know the forum and GSAM are 2 different things but I still don’t have a tracking number :stuck_out_tongue: and thank you for locking that thread because I was getting tired of repeating my self lol :wink: