Old random parts and other stuff for sale

These are parts I have found in an old storage container. Some are old and discolored, some have light scratches and/or wear and some even have yellowing/discolored nubs or edges. Old parts, hence the title “The Junkyard”. There are descriptions under pics when you click on them. I was thinking $1.50 a part, but depending on what or how much you get, I’m willing to work with you. If you see anything you like, send me a private message. The album will be updated, so check back often.

Album: The Junkyard

Also available:

1/48 Unicorn Gundam Display Base Metallic Version $20

Gundam Ace release. Can change from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode. While the box says metallic, it looks pearl to me (but what the hell do I know?). Box has been opened to inspect parts. Parts are sealed in bag. Magazine not inlcluded. Instructions included, cut from the magazine.

Astrea 1/144 Conversion parts $15

From a 2008 Dengeki Hobby issue. I don’t know how much they differ from the Astrea full kit release 2 years later. Weapon parts were never included in the original release of this kit. Parts are slightly yellowed, I think. It’s kinda hard to tell. The parts are 11 years old. No box. Parts are not in bag. No magazine. Instructions included, cut from the magazine.

An HG 1/144 Gundam Exia kit is required for the conversion (not included).

You got some interesting stuff there.

The album has been updated.

New parts added.

Do you still have that Geara Doga gun? How much are you selling each part?

Are these parts available and if so how much?

HG Origin 1/144 Zaku II parts (desert color ones)
Zaku II F2 MMP-78 & Grenades
Char’s Gelgoog Beam Naginata
Zaku II Heat Hawks
Zaku II F2 parts w/MMP-80
Zaku 3 tube missile pods
HG Sturm Fausts