Old random parts and other stuff for sale

These are parts I have found in an old storage container. Some are old and discolored, some have light scratches and/or wear and some even have yellowing/discolored nubs or edges. Old parts, hence the title “The Junkyard”. There are descriptions under pics when you click on them. I was thinking $1.50 a part, but depending on what or how much you get, I’m willing to work with you. If you see anything you like, send me a private message. The album will be updated, so check back often.

Album: The Junkyard

Also available:

1/48 Unicorn Gundam Display Base Metallic Version $20

Gundam Ace release. Can change from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode. While the box says metallic, it looks pearl to me (but what the hell do I know?). Box has been opened to inspect parts. Parts are sealed in bag. Magazine not inlcluded. Instructions included, cut from the magazine.

Astrea 1/144 Conversion parts $15

From a 2008 Dengeki Hobby issue. I don’t know how much they differ from the Astrea full kit release 2 years later. Weapon parts were never included in the original release of this kit. Parts are slightly yellowed, I think. It’s kinda hard to tell. The parts are 11 years old. No box. Parts are not in bag. No magazine. Instructions included, cut from the magazine.

An HG 1/144 Gundam Exia kit is required for the conversion (not included).

You got some interesting stuff there.

The album has been updated.

New parts added.