Old Member - New/Recovered Name

Hey there everyone. After being locked out of the the site with the reboot, and trying everything else to recover my account, and finally giving up, I found another way.

For those of you going huh, It’s me TheWhiteWolfofSolomon. When I tried to make this account, the system was messed up, and this account never could get verified, so Ginga helped me by making White. Well I can’t recover the password on that account, so yeah, here I am.

I had a similar issue as well. I used to go by the username Zeta. Now, I am Zeta_II.

Odd I managed to get back in here with my old account without a problem

Let me guess it takes forever for the code to get to your email or you can’t access the you have for here? Cause either or the administration staff are awesome and would be happy to help in any way :blush:

Well in my case I can’t remember the email Ginga setup for the account that created Wolf, so I can’t reset the password.

I had made this account first but never got a validation email 6 years ago. Asterisk went round and round with it to no avail. Since I can’t see the email Addy on my profile anymore, can’t do it.

Yeah I had a similar thing myself. Since apparently I came here in like late 2014 so just barely missed out on not being able to get my old account.

But it’s definitely nice to see you again, White Wolf.

It took me awhile to get mine back. But it’s good to see you on the forum again White Wolf.