OkieRA29's screwing things up thread... part deux

Okay, since the first one was lost in the great crash of 2014, I have decided to start another. I have been working slow and steady on the KA, but those pics will go in the group build thread, so no pics here. Weather has not been cooperating with painting(I can only paint outside right now…Harbor Freight has been out of their airbrush compressor for weeks now) So, in the mean time, I have been working on the backlog. First up was the RG MkII non-Titans version. I have always liked the design of the MkII. I thought it was what the RX-78 should have been all along. Like all RGs, lots of finicky little parts and after some incorrect assembly, I got him together properly.

I do have his weapons finished, but no pics of him fully armed. I will rectify that this evening.

Next up was the HGUC 1/144 RGM-96X Jesta. I wanted the MG kit but every where I looked it was OOS. So I went with the 1/144. After building, I will still get the MG as there are some compromises made that I am not happy with. I will most likely fix what I don’t like(non-moveable shield arm), but I will have to work up a design based on the kit part. Should be hard, just some plastic sheet and rod, maybe some brass thrown in for strength. Overall, a very enjoyable build and he looks the part when finished. I may repaint in a desert/tan scheme when the weather improves. For right now he is just cleaned and snapped.

I do have to admit, that for 1/144 he has very good articulation. With some simple mods, I think you could even get an almost full 180 degree bend out of the knee.

Next up, I have no idea. I actually have a decent backlog to work on, but I think I may try and get some painting done one of these weeknights pending decent weather. I have the 1/144 MS-06F-2 EFSF that I started on. I also have a Geara Zulu that I may start on. Decisions, decisions…

Man that Jesta looks good for a feddie. Lol

Good choices of Feddie kits here. I got three HGUC Jestas and it really is a nice kit. Easy to paint up too, but it is a shame that the shield arm isn’t movable.

Yeah, the open back of the part and the rigid form were really a bummer to me. I figure that it can’t be that hard to fab up some sort of articulated arm for it. That will most likely be first mod to the kit. I may even start working on it tonight.

DO EET! Post pics weee