Ohayo gozaimazu!!

Good morning everyone! my name is Vanz. And I’m also known as Vanz Anazasi. My work is all about customizing Gunplas and plamos and action figures.

Really honored to be here!:smiley:

Welcome to the forums.

Customizing, you say? why don’t you post some of your works at the member gallery? I’d love to see them :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards! I, too, want to see those customized models.

Welcome to the boards man. If you’re into customizing Gunpla, I’d for sure like to see some of your work.

Vanz is super pro I’ve seen his work in the GMAC group, good to see you here!

Holy crap, I recognize your name! Welcome to our corner of the internet!

Irasshai! Ahhh master, you honor us with your presence! I just recently saw your current Hi-Nu resin conversion project. Another admirable and stellar work.

Do enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the forum i cant wait to see what you can do.

Hello, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I don’t know of any celebrity gundam model makers but apparently you’re close to one lol XD

Hey Vanz! Love that Z’gok you did for the ml air team!