Hey everyone, I’m taking a break with development for phones (mostly android, some iPhone and windoes phone here and there) and warhammer 40k (only painted, didn’t play much.) So I’m looking for a new hobby. It was either zoids or gundam were my thoughts and I choose gundam because they were quite awesome looking. I just have a few questions if anyone is willing to help me out with. 1. This is for both anime/manga and models right? I only wanted to get into the models for now, got way too many mangas to read, gundam is on the wait list. If so, is it really hard to build them? I don’t plan on painting amazing battle scars on them but just to set them up for display and admire them. Would anyone know a basic one I can get my hands on? Amazon or possibly planetgundam would be great unless there are other recomendations. I looked on YouTube and I see that the MG Zuku 2.0 seemed pretty simple. Would anyone recommend one of theNy? Also are the models expensive? Thanks!

Gundam Plastic Models, or Gunpla for short, are very easy to build as they are snap-fit kits. If you’re just getting into Gunpla, I would recommend a High Grade to start off with. Also, welcome to our site. If you stick with us long enough, you just might find yourself immersed into the Gundam mythos that spans 35 years of history.

Welcome to the boards! Models are pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. While the Zaku 2.0 has a fairly simple look, the inside of it is incredibly intricate. Look in the modeling tips and tricks part of this forum. It has a LOT of information.

You don’t need to watch the various shows out there to appreciate the models. Some only build the models, and some only watch the series. It’s really all up to you, and nobody will judge you because of your decision.

You can buy models on Amazon. And yes, they are pretty expensive.

Finally, here is a small little warning. This forum may go down at random (it’ll say database error), but don’t worry. It’ll come back fixed.

Welcome to the forum. Glad that you decided to make the forum your place of Gundam information. There is tons of helpful information here that will help you get into the hobby. And I would agree with Zeta, as your 1st kit I’d get a High Grade model to get your feet wet. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to put together. The thread I’ve listed below will explain the various grades and help you make a good choice for your 1st kit.


thanks guys! i see that the MG Zuku is gonna be a little harder to build. i decided i wanted to get one anyway nuild planet gundam has lots of the cheap models out of stock and amazon is quite more money.