Oh god here goes.

So, this one is old. Reaaally old, but I’m curious on what the forum’s tastes are.

Coke vs Pepsi.

Now this goes under ALL products made by the two. Not just Coke and Pepsi themselves.

Personally, I like Coke better than Pepsi, it’s sharper.
However, I am the most frequent mountain dew drinker. I will have kidneystones the size of quarters when i’m older, I drink it unhealthily. I hate sprite.

So i’m at 1 to 1 with this.

How about you guys?

Between regular Coke and Pepsi colas, I like them about equally. Sometimes I really want Pepsi’s battery acid eating goodness, and sometimes I crave Coke’s sweeter taste. Hell, sometimes I even crave RC cola. Cherry Coke > Cherry Pepsi (though I like both), and regular Vault is better than regular Mountain Dew in my opinion. I don’t go for diet sodas at all.

Pepsi is too sweet for me, therefore Coke. But my drink of choice is Mountain Dew (and normally Diet).

When I need a change, I’ll grab some random variety of Faygo, normally grape or orange or pineapple, when I can find it. Jones Soda is good too. (And Ramune, which is now distributed in a lot of ‘normal’ grocery stores around here as ‘Marble Pop’.)

Jones Soda? Correct me if I’m confusing it with something else, but isn’t that the soda company that uses cane sugar in all of their regular soda?

In my opinion, Pepsi just tastes like flat coke. Although Mountain Dew is simply amazing, vanilla coke takes the cake.

Jones Soda’s regular flavors are good, but I don’t think I could stomach their “thanksgiving dinner” flavors.
Melon Ramune is the best. :3

I’m pretty sure. Tastes delicious though. I’ve only ever had Jones’ soda twice though.

In that case, I’ve had it. It wasn’t too bad.

I drink Food Lion brand peach soda. Or here lately, seltzer water. (TMI Ahead)

Drinking regular soda as much as I used to made me pee fire, so I had to cut way back, but still craved the burn of carbonation

I’m probably the only one who prefers to mix and drink equal parts Coke and Pepsi.

I have never heard of that being done, and I guess that means you’re borderline?

This one likes Mountain Dew. Good, ol’ straight up MD. I prefer Coke, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Wild Cherry Pepsi. Diet is a sick compromise that twists the mind like Ribbons Almark twists the world. I do not wish to delude myself and say “I can’t even taste the difference.” But that’s just me.

Oh, and Rockstar is the reason I lived through 2007-2008.

Diet soda is definitely evil.

This guy is PEPSI all day everyday.
I cant stand the taste of coke, if i go to a coke restaurant ill get sprit or MD (seems to sell at coke stores for some reason). I mainly drink MD now but i’d rather have Pepsi then coke.

In all Honesty ima DR. Pepper fan, but in a pinch ill take Coke. Pepsi is just too bitter.

I’m far obsessed with Mountain Dew.
You can truly ask anyone who knows me in real life on the forum, they can share.

I only drink water, coffee, and beer. Soda is just empty calories. Drinking it is pointless and incredibly unhealthy.

Your opinion is no longer valid. But seriously, I’m more of a coke person. Don’t really drink colas in general, but I just happen to like coke products more. On another note have any of you had Fanta Apple? I swear on all that is swear-able that is the greatest beverage to have ever graced my tongue.

You know. it kind of sucks being somewhat allergic to Caffeine. I LOVE Dr. Pepper, if I can get it. (But too much will have me being sick). Root Beer is good too, but Sprite is what I drink mainly. Or some sort of Cream Soda.

Or Big Blue (Made by Big Red).

Love that Coke it taste better, Pepsi not bad but Coke has that more of a classic cola taste. Mountain Dew is a no go for me its got yellow 5 in it

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