Obsolete on youtube

Just finished watching the first 6 episode and really enjoyed it so I thought I would share here and ask if anyone else has seen it. Plazajapan has a few kit on pre order as well, very tempted.

Cheers Brian.

It’s something I’ve wanted to watch but keep getting sidetracked with other things. I haven’t heard much on it.

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I am up to ep 3 and was only watching it for the mecha. There doesnt seem to be a main character, but I mostly kept forgetting to get back into it

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Lots of mecha fighting in an almost real world type way…

It changes a bit for the last 3 episodes, consentrating around group of aftrican lads, there training and becoming some sort of white skull elite squad, there is definitely much more of a story to tell.

I watched the first two last night and it sort of seems like the concept of the Mecha are similar to “in the future, instead of an AFV carrying a squad, each soldier gets an armored exo skeleton with the maneuverability and general size of people” and “it’s in the future, so steam punk elements such as tubes and rounded pot-belly stoves, but in the back entrance and throw in some hard angles at 40 and 60 degree angles to promote aggression and recognizably modern armored vehicles like a light tank”

I like it, and will watch more. The models I’ve seen for them don’t necessarily appeal to me but I can see what appeals to others in them

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