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If you no longer have your parts manual, is a great resource for seeing them online. Remember that you can occasionally find the same parts from one kit to another, too.

I love how this entire forum kind of contradicts the whole “no sharing personal info” in the TOS, but I actually like this forum.

I have the 22nd to look forward to. Then I’ll start parts swapping.

MG wing zero wings anybody? Does want.

I’m in need of certain hard to find weapons in both MG and HG. Willing to buy or trade. The list is as follows:
Zaku II MMP-78 late model (from the Zaku II F2 EFSF kit) 2+
MMP-80 + ammo pouches (from the Zaku II F2 Zeon kit) 2+
Geara Doga Full Frontal rifle 3+
Dom 880mm Raketen Bazooka 2+
Gato’s Gelgoog Sniper Rifle

Geara Doga Full Frontal rifle 3+
Gato’s Gelgoog Sniper Rifle
MMP-80 + ammo pouches (from Dom Tropen Sand Brown kit) 3+
880mm Raketen Bazooka + magazines (from Dom Tropen Sand Brown kit) 3+
Sturmfausten + holster rings (from Dom Tropen Sand Brown kit) 8+
Gouf Custom Gatling Cannon Shield (complete, + heat sword) 2+
RX-79(G) Beam Rifle