Not a Gundam, but still cool: Furai Models Drift

One of the newer arms of the Cthulhu-like octopus that is Transformers branding and merchandise is brought to us by Flame Toys. Their “Furai Model Kits” are buildable, smaller-sized versions of their incredibly detailed (and expensive) “official third party” figures. I have a few of these kits, and while they look good, I was very eager to see how they actually built up as models.

I started with the kit I had been very much eagerly hoping to get, namely Drift. As a samurai-inspired giant robot warrior from space, he’s halfway between a Gundam and a traditional Transformer in design, and the kit looked freakin’ awesome!

It’s done now, so you can judge for yourself how good these Furai kits are. I’ll tell you this; they’re not up to Bandai’s HG standard…yet. However, if Drift is an indication, these guys have a solid grasp of the basics, and their products should be given respect! Check out my completed Drift at the link below and tell me what you think!

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I’ve done a few of these. Megatron, Prime G1, Devastator, Bumblebee.

They’re not bad. A big rigid but not bad.

If you can find them, really solid kits are Eastern Model MegaMan X and Zero.

Hey just as long as you enjoy the kit who says it has to be from just one brand. I like third party kits because they’re a challenge. Parts don’t line up, stuff is cheaper like the plastic so the kit will look depending on the attention given