Norris Packard's Efreet Custom

One of my favourite parts of modelling is trying to make something look just like it does in real life. Oddly, the other part I like is making something completely unique. Thankfully, the hobby has room for both! One genre of kits I find myself customizing a lot (especially colour schemes) is that of mecha, or science fiction robot weapons.

While Gundams themselves aren’t as customizable, being the “main characters”, the supporting mecha lend themselves to any and all kinds of imagination, reimagination and customization. It helps that the Gundam kits that Bandai cranks out are so well-made and forgiving, it allows for a lot of parts swapping and alteration without the worry of ruining a kit or having to do a tonne of scratchbuilding, unless, of course, you want to.

A perfect candidate for this kind of treatment is the Re/100 Efreet from the recent Reborn 100 line of large scale, but simplified and lower-cost kits. Given the Efreet’s bad-arsed appearance, I decided to customize mine into what it would look like if the Efreet had been produced for at least ace use, instead of the Gouf.

The result is the Efreet Blazer custom, portrayed in the colours of Norris Packard from the excellent 8th MS series. Check it out, and let me know what you think!


Why isn’t it dark purple with red?

Why would it be?

That’d make it look like a Dreissen. Don’t forget, Packard’s Gouf is these shades of blue, right? That’s what I was going for.

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Norris Packard’s personal colors are Dark Purple and red like his pilot suit in the show. You’ll see if you look up Norris Packard zaku and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The colors that you painted the Efreet are the standard Gouf Custom colors.

I looked up Packard’s Zaku, and I have to admit, that is a fugly colour combination. I hate purple and red together. (Maybe it’s my mental inbility to put Autobots and Decepticons together at the same level? ) It could also be they just clash.

However, just because it’s on a Zaku, doesn’t mean that’s what his next suit would have. I looked it up when I was determining the colour, and whenever the Gouf Custom is mentioned, the paint scheme I used is the one that comes up as “Norris Packard unit”. Heck, the MG Gouf Custom in those colours COMES with a figure of Packard. Why would I assume that those blue colours were anything but his?

I’m sorry, I think the blue IS the Packard-type. I haven’t seen 8th MS in a while (I should rewatch it, since it rocks), but are there any other blue Gouf Customs shown? I know we see a few flight types, but do we ever see multiple ground-types in the blue? If so, then okay, I accept that I got it wrong. However, if not, then that’s likely why I thought those were his colours.

Also, just because one’s Zaku is a particular colour doesn’t mean they stay that way! If that was the case, the Zazabi would be pink, like Char’s Zaku and Gelgoog. Same with Shin Matsunanga’s Zeta - it’s yellow/gold (I know it’s anti-beam coating, but still) not his traditional white/grey. Why, then, too, is the Dijeh in blues, if Amuro’s colours are either a.) Original RX-78 Colours, or b.) the colours of his “white unicorn” Zeta?

On that note, the Doms used by the Black Tri Stars aren’t in Black Tri Stars colours either, but that doesn’t mean the purple isn’t in the colours they flew them in. See what I mean?

Since Packard dies, we have no way of knowing if he’d repaint the Gouf Custom or not later. That’s why I said the Efreet was in his colours, because those are the colours he used in 8th MS, and if this suit replaced the Gouf Custom (as was the foundation of my idea) then it would have been in my scheme of blues.

That’s why it is the way it is.

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Personally, I do not feel that you need to justify yourself for painting the kit the way that you did. It’s YOUR kit. Gunpla is freedom, and within that so is the interpretation of the modeler.

I looked up Packard’s Zaku as well. Looks awful IMO. And when I think of Norris, I don’t think of a awful looking Zaku. It’s the Gouf Custom that comes that mind. So I think what you did with the Efreet looks awesome. The colors are spot on, and the addition of the Gatling Gun completes it. Great work.


I used to be a canon-strict person. There’s a part of me that still is, but I’ve also come to understand that each artist can interpret the world in a way that suits them and in many cases the art they create is for themselves, in their mind. A prime example of this can be found in films like Inception, Perfect Blue, and Paprika. What we choose to acknowledge and interpret is the reality in our mind. Sure, there’s a risk that others may not accept it but do they need to? No.

I witnessed a lot of back and forth in a different forum for a now defunct (some still cling to it), Robotech RPG Tactics (you can google the fiasco that went with it). A couple hundred of us got our boxed sets, the designers put out a massive color chart and we went to town painting our mini-figs. Some had the ‘audacity’ to create custom unit color schemes. Among some of the comments were cliche ‘but, that’s not what this unit would have,’ and ‘that unit wouldn’t have existed because of (insert an event in an obscure but canon plot line).’

At the end of the day, did the custom color setup and ‘imaginary’ until names / markings:

  • Impact the game mechanics? No
  • Alter the storyline in the existing canon works? No
  • Upend a business model? No
  • Decrease interest in the characters or series? No
  • Make a group purists angry because it didn’t fit their small cross-section of highly protective fans clinging to their opinion about a love story wrapped in commentary about racial barriers, wrapped again in a story about giant walking robots that transform into F-14 Tomcats? Yes, and I think there’s an irony in the purist mindset given the overarching point of the Macross / Robotech series (but hey, let them eat cake, right?)

Silliness… total silliness.

So, I say, rock whatever color setup you want. Are you satisfied with it? That’s all that matters.

I don’t wear dresses. I don’t like how I think I’d look in a dress. I’m not going to stop someone from wearing them just because I wouldn’t. Nevermind that I’m a dude, but… hey if some dude wants to wear a dress - that’s his decision and I don’t have a right to their opinion.


Nice job, would have been nice if the Gouf Custom gatling shield had been used. But otherwise a nice custom build.

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Thanks, guys. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the “Canon” colours!

I agree, that Gundam kits are good for going with your imagination. However, I can see why some people get wrapped up in the canon. Rivet-counters are everywhere!

Oh, the reason I didn’t use the Gouf’s gatling shield is because I don’t have the Gouf Custom MG. I only have the old 8th MS HG kit (Pre-HGUC)! Otherwise, I’d have saved myself the frustration! :slight_smile:


Personally, I like it. Did you scratch build the shield, buy an aftermarket set, or is it from another kit?

Thanks, man!

No, it’s actually the vulcan from the MG Strike E, from Frame Astrays. It looked so good on the Efreet, I couldn’t help myself. :slight_smile:

Interesting… I’ll have to look that one up. I’m doing a bunch of custom builds myself, including a “Magnificent Seven/ Seven Samurai” mashup.

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I understand the reason why, and this one looks awesome on it. Either one would look awesome on it.