Non- New Type Pilots

We all no about new types and pilots with special mental powers, but what about regular pilots. This post is about who are the best NON-new type pilots .

I have a few in mind such as Master Asia he took a mobile suit out with a towel. Also i cant forget Shiro Amada he took a Zaku out with a ball.

well for me the best non-newtype pilot is the one who showed the most growth in a series and not the one that started out awesome and fixed one aspect of their personal being to better themselves and non other fits better to me then Garrod Ran who improved both as a pilot and as a person throughout the series

I don’t know the pilots name, I doubt they even gave him one. But in the first episode of Unicorn the pilot of the Stark Jegan was a very impressive pilot(not the best), he stood up to the Kshatriya with great skill. I’m sure if he lived through that battle he would have become a minor character in the series.

Forget about the Ball, he destroyed one, using a rocket launcher, concealing himself under some leafs and grass.

However, as already said once, I consider Garrod Ran as the best

Graham Aker is definitely a true ace, overpowering the Throne Eins with a customized Union Flag and taking its beam saber, as well as surviving against 00 Raiser.

I must add Norris Packard to the list, I rewatched 08 Ms team and Norris is pretty bad ass i mean he took on a whole team of mobile suits . He took out like two gundams and two guntanks. (correct me if im wrong). That and he had a sweet Gouf Custom. I hate that he had to die for nothing becuase the Kergeren was shot down. That and he was a very good soilder

Conrad Hughes.

If he didn’t possess that “pride”, he’d have defeated Setsuna.
However, his conceptions and regards concerning his weapons makes him awesome anyway.

I am severally disapointed in the lack of Anvil Gato in this topic, and Yazan Gable, both non-newtypes who could kick allot of ass.

Also the Stark Jegan pilot, dude had balls of steel, must have got in his way when he was fighting the Kshatriya. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean to go up against something like that, make the pilot sweat a little in no more than a Suped up Jegan…had balls.

Yes! Anavel Gato is pure badass! I was actually about to cast a vote for Kou Uraki. Is it bad that I actually kind of prefer non-newtype centric series?

No it isn’t. I hadn’t regarded any “UC” series either.

Garrod Ran
Anavel Gato
Shiro Amada
Graham Aker
Mu La Flaga
Neal Dlyandy (1st (and true) Lockon Stratos)
South Burning (stardust memory)
Rambal Ral (not sure if he was or wasnt but who cares hes still a badass either way!)

What about Heero Yuy :S ?

Hmmm …Herro isnt a new type but he is a Genetically Enchanced Human. So i guess we will let him on the list. Also Trieze, Duo and Wufei i’d like to add as well

Dedicated to all the NON New Type Pilots

Bernie is feeling disregarded :confused:

now that is a picture!:cool:

There were a lot of pilots easy to forget…
Bernie managed to take out a more powerful version of the original Gundam single-handedly with a Zaku.
M’Quve easily struck the biggest blow to the Federation in the whole First Gundam series and came closer to killing Amuro in his Gyan than Char in his customized max spec Gelgoog managed to even with Lala’s help.
Treize, WuFei and Millardo shouldn’t be overlooked either considering they were all able to go head-to-head with vastly superior mobile suits with considerable success. WuFei and Millardo even did so against Heero who was heavily implied to be some sort of New Typish character.

I like Mu La Flaga, but wasn’t he a some kind of Newtype? Partially Newtype?

I’d like to add two awesome characters from a mediocre series.

Woolf Enneacle
Asemu Asuno

Those two were the only reason I watched Gundam Age.

I agree people do forget M’Quve allot jaster. For some reason.

I mean I wasn’t fond of him but he was a hell of a pilot, and stratigist when it comes down to it.