Non Bandai kits that I really want

These are 2 Non Bandai kits I really really want.

First of is the MG Zero G Judge Gundam. It looks like Deathscythe on steroids. It’s not a resin kit. It’s pre colored like our beloved Bandai kits. It has a pre assembled metal inner frame. It looks so sexy. You can find out more in YouTube.

The pre assembled metal inner frame

Some sexy poses

Next up is the PG Nilson Works Astray Ghost Frame Gundam. This too is pre colored kit just like when you buy a regular Bandai kit.

2 swords isn’t enough? Ait fam, let’s Roronoa Zoro you up!

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Been following the Judge on SamuelDecals site for awhile now. It makes me think that they combined the Deathscythe, Freedom, and the Forbidden Gundam.


@thwalker13 you know what. You’re 100% right lol. Now that you mention it I can see those gundam on it.

My sister would love that Astray.

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Check out Prime92’s review of the ghost astray. Seems to have issues actually holding everything.

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These are both so overly pointy and edgy…I LOVE IT. I normally like more…blobby suits? If that is the right word to use. But both of these scratcha certain itch!

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Where do you buy the astray ghost frame?? I looked on google could not find anything

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hey bro check out I pre ordered my judge there. If you do order it I suggest that you watch a couple YouTube vids of it cus there are some parts on the guide book that are in the incorrect order. Some loose parts etc.

i order my judge on this site a while back ago. i think in Nov?

i never heard of “Nelson work” when i googled it i didnt find anything regarding the astray ghost frame.

those picture do look awesome tho.

i have the pg astray, it was actually the first pg i ever built, at first i was soo impress with the detail. but since then. it is my least favorite pg, probably same tier as the the pg wing. my kit ended up falling apart and i had to start gluing the joist.

the picture of the nelson work astray ghost frame looks really impressive.

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