NO TECHNIQUE NO WIRE LED installation to gunpla - on/off control by magnet

I shared a short video clip eariler about installing LED into gunpla that trigger on/off by magnet, here is the making off video. I have also posted the link where i brought this LED in the video description. But sorry that web is only available in Chinese

This LED request NO WIRE & NO TECHNIQUE at all to do the installation

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This would be so awesome to put into builds. Just wish it was small enough to fit into the head of a MG Sinanju.

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maybe need to reshape a bit of the inner construction of the kit to apply this, Sorry i have not build a Sinanju yet so not sure about the exact construction

Very interesting technique.

Hello…i have little more to add here. The idea here is to keep the components as small as possible so as to fit within the confines of the head assembly. The Reed Switch is a magnetic switch. It is basically two leads piped into a glass tube, so when placing a magnet over the leads or over the glass the leads connect and a connection is formed. It’s pretty damn cool, and these switches were about a buck a piece, so this beats the hell out of building my own magnetic switch or just using your standard mechanical switch.

honestly I find it easier to simply build my own battery/led holder out of pla-plate and store it where I have the most room. Then us a small screw with a wire attached to make the power connection. Twist the screw till it makes connection with the positive side of the battery and you have power.

Actually, Bandai’s HY2M heads used similar technology, though no fancy modes, just simple on and off. It was cool…

Thanks for sharing all the tips and techniques with us @studio_fo_hk