Newbie Question on painting Gundam BB

I am quite new to modeling, although I have done a few in the past.
Just ordered a “Gundam BB #381 Zakuto Yami Shogun” online, can’t wait for it arrival!
I wonder if painting is needed for Gundam BB series, as the plastic is pre-colored, but I have read that some people will still paint it or detailing.
The question is, do I need to paint, if yes, what is the recommended option and if there is any good resource on how to paint it.

Most BB Senshi kits come with a wealth of stickers to get them to look as they do on the box. So if you do not like stickers, then you’ll need to paint it.

This thread has a lot of information that is well worth reading.!-I-am-new-want-to-build-gundams-and-have-zero-clue-how-to-build-them!

Also, welcome to the forums.

Thanks! Do you have any recommendation if I wish to paint it? hand paint or spray paint?

What do you mean by painting it? Do you mean detail painting, or just flat out painting the whole thing?

I mean to paint the whole thing:) I am overwhelmed with all the info on painting option and it would be great if anyone can recommend me something to start with. Thanks!

Go with spray cans, then. Tamiya Color paints are the best, but be sure to read up on them before you start.

I agree with Bossguy. If you’re going to paint the whole kit, then spray cans are the way to go. Now to get some fine details or smaller then those you can hand paint, or mask areas off with masking tape and spray them.

What kind of Tamiya spray cans recommended? acrylic?
For the panel line, I read about gundam marker recently and I wonder which one can be use on top of the paint that I use (if acrylic or other)?

All Tamiya spray cans are lacquer based. A Gundam Lining Marker uses ink not paint. So it can literally be put on anything. However, the glossier the paint, the smoother it’ll go on, and the easier it’ll be to clean up. Personally, if you’re going to line it after you paint it. You’ll be better off to use thinned down paint for the lining. As the ink from the marker might smudge and run if you top coat it.