Newbie First Fully Painted Kit

Thanks, still a lot left, but should at least have the body painted minus detail work by end of weekend.

Overall this looks great for a first time paint. There’s no problems with the techniques here, the only problem I see is some of the chipping is badly placed. On the elbow there’s a big chip but nothing around it, how would that chip get there? It’s a big heavy to just be one large chip. A good way to weather a kit is to think of a short story of what it did and where that could cause damage.

Greatly appreciate the feedback. Trying to take in all of what I have watched and read. Once I got into the act may have gotten a little carried away in some areas as you mentioned. I will remember that once weathering time comes on this current kit. Thanks again.

Everyone over dose weathering on their first few attempts. I’m sure you will get the hang of it pretty fast if this is your first attempt.

Made some good progress this weekend, but a lot left to do.


That looks so much better in those colours, nice work so far.

Very awesome. Liken the color scheme