Newbie First Fully Painted Kit

I have been around Gunpla for quite a few years, but just now decided to start paint instead of oob build with some decals and panel lining. Started with an easy HGUC kit Gelgoog Jager. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Painted, weathered, lined, top coated.


That’s looks fantastic you should be very with it.

THIS is a newbie paint? I must be crazy because I see a well-done super special awesome paint job!

Wow, it looks great! I look forward to seeing more of your finished work!

Thanks everyone so far, first time airbrushing at all, studied up plenty though.


Current WIP


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Great job!

looking at that gelgoog, I’d never guess it’s your first time airbrushing. But it looks like studying up first helped out a lot.


Welcome to the forums!

Agree with everybody, excellent work! Looking forward to seeing more.

Making some progress on the next kit. Finished adding panel lines, and detail about a week ago. Everything but weapons is primed, and started the metallic frame paint. I have to say after using regular Valejo primer most of the time I picked up some Mr Finishing Surfaces 1500 for my inner frame in black to prepare for Metallic coating and that stuff is amazing. Sprays silky smooth. For once HYPE was real.

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Primer armor and inner frame, some more hidden off camera.

Primer, and Mr Color GX Metallic Black comparison. Im looking forward to seeing this after detailed. Even if most of it will be hidden from armor.

All the inner frame sprayed in metallic. Hopefully get some clear on in next day or so then do some detailing. Going to try and mask as much as possible to spray since I HATE and SUCK at hand brush lol.

As always appreciate any feedback. Been scrolling around and seen some great builds on here and getting more ideas in my head for future builds.


Anyone else hate masking? haha

Inner frame completed


Got some color down and my first try at post shading.

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very nicely done.

Really liking where this is going. Can’t wait to see the completed kit.

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