New Ver Ka 2020 release

Looks like we’re getting a Wing Zero Custom Ver Ka in November 2020.

Idk how I feel about this.

I know how I feel. Disappointed.



I’m with you. This is a huge disappointment.

The only silver lining to this, is the reissuing of the MG P-Bandai Wing kits. I need to get a Heavyarms for a good friend of mine. And hopefully the MG Tallgeese II will get another reissue.

This time, hopefully Blue-Fin will get them.


I hope Bluefin carries them as well. Even though we can order through the P-Bandai site now, it’s still frustrating watching something sell out and having to hopefully wait for another release.

I hope they add the shield and the transformation mechanic that the HiRes has. I will buy it if it has that.

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It does have the Neo Bird mode/transformation gimmick.

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Is this the frozen teardrop version?

It appears to be a master grade version of the 1/100 Hi-res wing zero custom.

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Will still get it, but like most, the question is why? It is not like there is shortage of Wing Zero, Custom or not.

Though with this release and the somewhat slow releases of the Glory of Losers kits, the possibility of the Tallgeese Flugel being release is high. Though that unit is not particular good looking with wings…


I’m on the fence, I’ll wait to see more pics of what it looks like before I commit to a pre-order. Especially if they’re going to drop another GOL Wing Zero (Or re-release WZC-D)

I would of been all in had it been a MG Wing Zero Snow White.

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Agreed. I need to see more.

However, I don’t believe there will be a GOL Wing Zero. The Wing Proto Zero, and the Wing EW versions are both from the GOL manga.

If it was the Snow White, I would have been all in and had it pre-ordered immediately as well.

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I’m rather happy about it. I know many comment on how much smaller the Wing units are compared to other 1/100, and that it’s supposed to be that way but hopefully they’ll increase the size so there can be more detail and do something about the hands and add LED to head and chest?

But they cannot increase them in size. If they are really doing them to scale, 1/100 of, say RX-78-2, can only be about 18.5 or so cm, it cannot be too big or too small. And actually, the F91 and Victory ones should be the smallest of them.

Either way, I’m interested in seeing what they do with it. I read a lot of people were upset the G-Self isn’t being made to Ver Ka because it allegedly won on a poll.

With the new MGEX line, hopefully a lot of good changes happen and remakes of older kits with newer tech will take place. I for one would like to see updated GM units.