New to the forum

Hey everyone. Thought I’d introduce myself. I’m thwalker13 or Thomas if you prefer. I’ve been building Gundams since I was little. And just recently got back into it. I’m excited about starting up again and have already built the MG Epyon, MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode, and I’m currently building the HGUC Unicorns. I have many more plans for future kits and an awesome custom Perfect Grade project. So I hope to get some feedback. Thanks for listening guys.

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Welcome to the Fourms my friend, hope you enjoy your stay here. and if theres any questions, dont be a stranger…:smiley:

Glad to have you here! Welcome (back) into the plastic dimension.

Excellent kits to get back to the hobby with!

welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I’m sure that my stay will be a long and joyful one.

welcome to the forum

Welcome Thomas~ I return the intimate knowledge of your name with my own; Aiden-David. Most just call me David.

Thank you David. It’s nice to see that the mods are active here. The last few forums I was on, the mods and admins were no where to be found.

Rest assured, even if we’re not always active posters (I fall in and out of this for various reasons) we’re always around.

That said, welcome to the forum! I’m always looking forward to meeting new folks and seeing their work, so please don’t disappoint!

I’ll do my best. Already posted my MG Epyon and Strike Freedom. I’ll be posting up my HGUC Unicorns here soon.

Hello everyone… i am also new member here
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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

hi im new too im a big gundam fan and found this forum and id like to introduce myself my name is slashy or darren if u want ive been into gundam since i was born because of my dad ive made a few kits and know these shows lik:gundam thunderbult,gundam build fighters,iron blooded orphans,8th ms team ,and unicorn happy to be here also i paint soo yeah :wink:

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