New to Gunpla, starting customizing

Hello folks.

I am new to gunpla,And Gundam model kit collecting. I just started a month or so ago, I butchered two of my model kits with bad paint jobs and I’m working on my third, I just want to get any critiques advice or anything on how I’m coming along so far on this project I have all the tools and equipment I need to customize except for an airbrush station/booth, I sanded primed painted and put a topcoat on the parts that I’ve painted so far, which is something I didn’t do on my first two model kits so that might be why they came out as bad as they did, but any advice or help and critiques would be welcomed and appreciated thanks in advance.

Edit I tried to post pictures of my screwup jobs on my first two model kits but was informed when I tried to post it that new users are only allowed to post one pic per topic, so I’m just posting my newest project I’m starting (it’s just the painted shoulder pad and shin armor)

Looks pretty good to me. What kind of paints are you using?

Thanks man, and I’m using Vallejo acrylic paint. Here’s another painted section, I’m about to add another coat

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