New to Gundam

I have inherited a TON of model kits and I am wondering if there are some “unicorns” i should be looking out for, or even charcters or styles that are worth more money than average. Any advice? I have the BB mini types, HG style, some vintage from the late 1980s….

See pic for a sample of one of the 25 oversized cardboard boxes with probably 20-40 models in each box I have…

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The Rick Dom should be a metallic coated kit and the Super Gundam should be a clear kit. Without seeing the rest of what you have I can’t tell what else you have that might be uncommon.

There’s also an Ex-Model S-Gundam Attacker unit, and two MSiA figures with English lettering (most likely from the early 2000’s).

25 boxes full? That sounds to be a good bunch of them.

You can probably get some good price for some of the vintage ones, Kampfer, Sazabi, V Gundam, and the SDs. Maybe even S-Attacker. However, Bandai do reissue some of them from time to time. It might be best that you price them accordingly if your intent was to sell them and clear out some spaces. Pricing them too high will not be easy to sell them and remember Bandai do ressiue some of them. They did reissue some of the EX models just last year.

Anyone have advice on where to sell them? I’m selling on eBay right now which is ok- but wondering if there is a more speciality forum or some place for gundam/ anime etc selling that maybe better?

You can list them on the forum if you want to sell them you couldalsolinkthe ebay accountyou are sellingthem on.

Welcome to the forums!

You can sell it on pretty much any platform you want. You might get a little bit more interests if you post it here.

The only thing you really have to keep in mind will be the shipping. Because some kits have big box, but do not weight too much, so in terms of shipping, it will cost you or the buyer, whichever the way you want to go. For instance, if you were to ship the items in the picture as one big box, depends on where you are shipping it to, shipping cost will probably be no less than $50. Just guessing that was all.