New to gundam

Hello! I have been interested in building gunpla for a while and am wondering what I should start with. I am confused on where to start and feel a little overwhelmed. I want to know the best place to buy as well as the tools and kits I need to start with. I am 14 and don’t have much of a budget, so I would love some tips and advice from people a lot more familiar with gundam in general!

First off welcome. You the form.

Second. Which country do live in?

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I live in The US.

Well since your in the US you should be able to find gunpla at Barnes and Noble store, a games stop, or a Hobby Town if you have one of those near you. Both Barnes and Noble and Hobby Town should also have a “beginning hobby tool set”. It will contain everything that you need to get started. You can also find them on Amazon.

If your looking to buy tools and gunpla online you can use Amazon or USA Gundam Store. Both have a decent selection and decent prices.

Since your new to gunpla once you have some basic tool I recommend you look into buying a Haro pla, the petitguy series of the SD gundam Cross Silhouette. The reason is they are dirt cheap easy to build kit. The cost $5-$12 each. And because they are so cheap they are perfect to practice painting when you decide to take that set. Its better to mess up a $8 kit instead of a $35 or $70 kit. If you want something the $20-$30 range I recommend a looking at the high grade Gundam Origins line. The have articulation and are a very sturdy line of kits.


There are a ton of gunpla tutorials on youtube, some much better than others.

This one is half an hour and I think its the best because it assumes you know nothing about gunpla from the start, and also tells you that you dont have to paint them, which somehow most tutorials shy away from.

I recommend a High Grade (HG) Zaku or one of its million variants. It has all the standard parts you find in any mobile suit, and both rounded and straight edges.

For tools: an exacto knife, side cutters, a file, and sandpaper, at 1000 grit, and then 2000 grit. Glue the sandpaper onto foam so you can hit the surface evenly.
Super glue comes in handy for a lot of things, but its not needed.

If you want to paint, the spray cans are a great start, but I did most of my work on a 35$ cheap brush because its mostly coating. I can also mix whatever paint colors I want, which is nice. I can also use cheap walmart paints because if I clear coat it afterwards then it sticks either way.

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This is great!! Thank you!