New stuffs to let go!

So I know that some of you guys messaged me about kits recently. I figured I’d make a new list here. For those of you not familiar with me, I combine and make offers! I also usually ask for $5 shipping (except for items with asterisks).

All kits are new with box unless marked with * or ** AND includes shipping
Kits with ** are just built. No decals/stickers used or painted AND includes shipping

HGUC Dijeh Narrative - $25
Bandai C3PO - $15* (shipping included)
Bandai Captain Phasma - $15* (shipping included)
RG Wing Zero - $25
HGUC Hazel - $20
HGUC Advanced Hazel - $25
HGUC Hazel II - $20
MG Hazel $50
MG Astray Noir $60

HGUC Regelgu - $20 ** (shipping included)

*No box but runners brand new
** Pre Built but comes with everything!
*** Talk to me about this one + Shipping may vary

Lunamaria is gone!

Star Destroyer and Zeta Plus gone!

Is it the ZZ Regelgu or the Unicorn one?

It’s the ZZ one!

Destiny, Narrative, both Zaku III and Custom sold!
Added two new items!

MG Hazel - $50
MG Astray Noir - $60

Wing Zero MG Sold!

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