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Hi- Im new to this whole gunpla stuff, but very quickly did i go from buying 5 kits, to 10, to 20. and even getting my friends into them. id like to think im ready for the next step but im the type of person that needs to keep asking questions to someone like a mentor.
Ive done a lot of research so i have a strong understanding of what im getting into and what i need, but im confused on the specifics.If someone could guide me the right way that’d be great
To my understanding, the order is;
Panel Lining
And this is where im confused. Do you only do 1 top coat of either gloss/semi/matte after panel lining or before(to protect the paint) and after panel lining? im aware you can do multiple coats but whats the rule or’guideline’ to having more than 1. I much prefer the matte look so im only going for matte if that helps.

As for cutters/sand paper grits/chisels/panel accent/ air brush and the aligator sticks i think im good and ready to start soon.

Also i live in Canada so its kinda hard to get all the same brand name stuff, if anyone else has either recommended brand names for any products mentioned so far or things to avoid that would also be super helpful

The rule is-
Gloss clear
Panel lining
Final top coat in the desired finish. Gloss, semi, matte

The reason for using a gloss coat is it makes panel lining a lot easier and makes cleaning up and mistakes earlier compare to a semi or matte clear.

If you plan on putting decals on the kit. You want to do a gloss coat, decals, gloss coat panel lining, final coat.

oh wow ok a lot of layers, thank you very much.

Well there’s still a few more layers when you do weathering.

oh i think weathering just makes it look unappealing for me, I really want to go full out and im trying to get all these things in 1 go to make sure i can commit to it, all i can seem to find is a paint+primer, is that normal or should i be looking for something that just says primer only.

Most of these are out of stock right now, but this is what a lot of hobbyists use.

I’ve never used Mr. Hobby before but I have used
Tamiya Surface Primer

and I use Vallejo Primer in my airbrush

Awesome, ive got the Matt and the primer, now i just need a good gloss coat from amazon thats reliable and relatively cheap

If you can find it

is great for running though an airbrush. You can hand brush some parts, but best in small areas.

What brand of paints are you using?

so far i haven’t gotten any, i was going to probably go with all the Vallejo Air Stuff, But i’m open to suggestions, i’m aware that there’s the 3 types, enamel acrylic and lacquer. But im not sure if the top coats affect the type underneath yet.

Wait i actually run this pledge product in the airbrush to apply a gloss coat after paint/ decals?

Yes you can run pledge in a airbrush to apply s gloss coat. You don’t need to thin it. Just pour it straight from the bottle into the airbrush. Pledge is used as a cheap alternative to standard gloss clear coats.

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