New Mech Movie


Oh I have seen this trailer already and fellas its badassery in its purest form…im really looking forward to this thing…

saw the trailer, it looks pretty good. i hope that they made a good live-action Gundam movie one day.

So does the rest of us mate…hopefully theyll get it right next time :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally don’t, G-Savior was enough…litterally proves why Anime Movies shouldn’t happen, that and the Dragon Ball movie.

I’d love to be proven wrong but IMO it can go one two ways.

  1. Horrible all around and is ignored by the fan base.

  2. Bayformers style, loved by most people hated by a majority of the fan base, good for nothing but special effects and explosions, held together by a meh plot. (No offense to anyone who liked those movies.)

i only hope that Michael Bay doesn’t direct it…he will ruin it