New Gunpla Builder

Here’s an Ikea bookshelf I put together to use as a display.



MG Barbatos unboxing and comparison to FM Barbatos

Here it is…the MG Barbatos.

HG Lightning & Booster unboxing. This is kicking off my mini build series of the Try Fighters gunpla.

Here is the HG Lightning and Booster Review.

Does the Lightning BWS Mk2 portable with Blue Destiny Gundam?

I can’t say with 100% certainty. The BWS mounts on the lightning using one pin and it comes with an adapter so that it can be attached to gunpla that have two pins on the backpack area. Here are the instructions for that.

So it works then… How about the shield? Is that only compatible for Lightning gundam?

I’ll double check for you when I get home.

#6 in the picture is the shield. It’s a hole instead of a pin.

Yes they can be used with the Blue Destiny.

Looks like I’ll go for Lightning BWS Mk-II.

I unbox the HG Star Winning. This is the second kit in my mini build series of the Try Fighters gunpla.

This one looks better than Zeromaru.

I have the Zeromaru, just haven’t built it yet. I plan on doing a Build Divers series as well.

It would be great if Star Winning Gundam equipped Binder Gun.

Here’s the review of the Star Winning Gundam. I go through the transformations and compare it to the HG RX-78-2.

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Here is the HG Try Burning Gundam unboxing. This is the last gunpla in my mini Try Fighters series. Sorry for the interference in the video.

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USAGundamStore build event 1/4/2020. Great times with great people. Check it out here

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