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Hello everyone, my name is Chris, but call me MR.TwoSix. I got into gundam in the early 2000’s thank to Toonami and Gundam Wing. In April, I came across a video by GunplaMeli(randomly on youtube) and I immediately needed to start building. I use to build Lego’s and WW2 Airplanes when I was younger. My builds up to this point are straight builds with small details and panel-lining for now. I’m also trying to make this a family affair, something we can do together. Let me know what you guys think of my content. I also do car videos as well. Thank you. … subscriber

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Looks good bud, welcome to the team! I’ve made Gunpla a family affair as well. Both of my kids enjoy doing it, and my wife from time to time as well.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Just dropped a new video on the 1/100 Full Mechanics Barbatos. Let me know what you guys think. I will have a video tomorrow on the HG LEO.

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As promised, here’s the Leo.

I’m currently working on a HG Titanium Finish Unicorn(Destroy Mode). Review coming soon.

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I also pre-ordered the MG Barbatos so I can compare it to the Full Mechanics Barbatos.

Here’s my review on the HG Unicorn(Destroy Mode) Titanium Finish. Be prepared to be disappointed.

Big Boy, DOM Test Type Review. This is a great kit.


Those are stickers. Not dry transfer decals.

Thank you for the clarification. The tiny ones were a pain in the ass.

It took me about two hours to get all of those stickers lined up and put on.

Oh i can imagine those decals were a pain. If bandai would use dry transfer or water slides you wouldn’t have suffered as much. What method did you use to apply the small decals?

I was using a set of curved tweezers, putting the very edge of the sticker on the tweezer. Than I would go to put it on the gunpla, without applying pressure and try to use my free hand to push the other end of the sticker on the gunpla. I dont press the sticker firmly until I have it in place, so I can still move it around if needed. It was just the tiny ones that were a pain.

You could try using a tooth pick to hold the decal in place. That way can apply pressure to the sticker in a precise location (like the corner of the decal) and still be able to move it around a bit.

Thank you for the tip…I will go buy some tooth picks now.

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HG RX-78-2 build and review.

Welcome to the forums! Nice photography and nice Civic!

Thank you.