New Gunpla Builder

Hello everyone, my name is Chris, but call me MR.TwoSix. I got into gundam in the early 2000’s thank to Toonami and Gundam Wing. In April, I came across a video by GunplaMeli(randomly on youtube) and I immediately needed to start building. I use to build Lego’s and WW2 Airplanes when I was younger. My builds up to this point are straight builds with small details and panel-lining for now. I’m also trying to make this a family affair, something we can do together. Let me know what you guys think of my content. I also do car videos as well. Thank you. … subscriber

Looks good bud, welcome to the team! I’ve made Gunpla a family affair as well. Both of my kids enjoy doing it, and my wife from time to time as well.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Just dropped a new video on the 1/100 Full Mechanics Barbatos. Let me know what you guys think. I will have a video tomorrow on the HG LEO.

As promised, here’s the Leo.

I’m currently working on a HG Titanium Finish Unicorn(Destroy Mode). Review coming soon.

I also pre-ordered the MG Barbatos so I can compare it to the Full Mechanics Barbatos.

Here’s my review on the HG Unicorn(Destroy Mode) Titanium Finish. Be prepared to be disappointed.