New gundam series.

So, friend from /a/ said there was a gundam series in the fall chart.

I assumed it was Unicorn of course, but she said UC was already in the OVA spot, and the fall list was different. SO:

New gundam series coming up. Thoughts? Anyone else got any news or rumors on it?

Think its UC/AU?

Hard to say. Your guess is as good as mine. I hope it’s either Crossbone or the F91 that should have been.

could it be that Unicorn is going to get a series ( and no not talking about the 3 part ova) , now I would love to see Crossbone get it :sunglasses:

I’ve actually said this for a while, but I actually want it to be C.E. I know SEED has it and has Destiny/Stargazer/Astray all branching off, but I want a different time in the C.E. timeline. UC already has so much, so why not expand on C.E.?

I’ll be honest here and say that C.E. (in my opinion) doesn’t really deserve anything else. I mean, SEED and SEED Destiny both had their good parts, (cool ms designs, some good characters) but it was riddled with problems that labeled it as a bad series.

I’d love to see unicorn develop into a full fledged series though. It would be simply amazing to see that happen.

I would either like to see a whole new universe or an adaptation of Crossbone. Leaning more toward a whole new universe.

I watched the 3 part ova for Stargazer and I didn’t like it at all. Or it could be OO because the ending of that movie left you hanging ALOT.

Another theory I have could be an anime adaptation of Frozen Teardrop. What do you think?

Hm, idk about that one, Zeta. I have not yet read Frozen Teardrop, but I would like to see more Wing. Maybe a re-make of it with new animation styles, a clearer storyline, and some awesome fight scenes. Something to think about.

Well, I’ve only read the first two chapters and it’s actually really engaging. Also, they did just recently released a box set of DVD’s titled Gundam Wing: Remastered Edition. I personally think it’s either the series F91 should have been, Crossbone Gundam, or Frozen Teardrop. That’s just the way I see it.

…I did not know about this. Interesting…I might have to go find it now.

As for Crossbone, I would really want to see that done. I love Crossbone a lot, it was a great followup to F91

I’m not saying anything SEED, jsut something within that universe. Like Zeta = SEED and then Unicorn = new C.E. series. It doesn’t have to do with what happened in SEED or with any of the characters. One would hope wives would keep their mouths shut about the writing process on it as well.

Other than that idea, the crossbone sounds intense, and if anything I would only want to see more Wing ANYTHING if it was done right. Everyone has seen Wing. Even if you aren’t a gundam enthusiast. Maybe something more that happened around Wing?

Oh god. I know exactly what I want.

Another grunt series. 08th was like the only one. I love mass produced suits. I love sheer battles between two opposing forces that may have a wild card, just not a gundam that happens to sweep everything. Less one weapon destroying EVERY SINGLE OTHER, and more waves against waves.

Would NEED to be U.C. though. With maybe a little more focus on both Zeon and Federation. More to root for which ever side.

And much more aquatic skirmishes. I don’t think the Gogg/Zock/Hy-gogg/Acguy/Grabro/Z’Gok get enough of their own terrain.

There is never any case where Zeta=SEED. Ever.

No no no, I was using it as an example. Like how Unicorn and Zeta are in the same universe, but not the same characters, but have to do with one another. Which is how I meant for the C.E. series. It’s in the same universe as SEED, but doesn’t have the same characters, is in a completely different time on it’s own, but is relative. Like, still Zaft, or Neo Zaft or what have you. Just a reference. In no way is Zeta equivalent to SEED. Sorry to be confusing.

Ohhh okay, I see what you’re saying now. That would be interesting, but the only problems I can see coming from that is where A) When in the CE timeline would it go? B) What kind of story tangent would it follow?

Stargazer did a perfect job fitting into CE, and it made sense. (It also didn’t have the same director behind it) It was fluid and had ZERO stock footage. The animation was clean and crisp and it was probably the best thing that happened to CE.

But CE had so many plot issues and everything just kinda popped outta nowhere. There was so much to wrap around that it got lost in itself.

Idk, i’d be iffy about a new CE thing, unless it was done up like stargazer, which would then be phenomenal.

Which is why giving it a new series could help clean it up and redeem it. That and I would hope they would throw the original animator out of the picture. I hate his mouths. And just his general people design.

Just something to make C.E. seem much more BA.

This. 1000x this.
I’d like to see something UC; specifically something set during the Formula Wars period (F91-Crossbone, & related side stories). Failing that, I’d take a series to cap off Cosmic Era for good. I do not want yet another AU; there are too many already.

This. 1000x this.
I’d like to see something UC; specifically something set during the Formula Wars period (F91-Crossbone, & related side stories). Failing that, I’d take a series to cap off Cosmic Era for good. I do not want yet another AU; there are too many already.[/quote]

True enough, I just want something to redeem SEED.

Yeah, I got what you were sayin’ the first time SFA :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to razz the Zeta=SEED thing. I believe the plot holes in SEED are perfect oppurtunities for someone to fill in those holes with a great story.

To be fair to Cosmic Era, it has its moments of pure Gundam awesomeness; it just had a tendency to trip all over itself in an attempt to please the Kira/Lacus fanboys/fangirls. That being said, I would like to see it end on an artistic high note (think early-Destiny/mid-SEED; I do not expect Unicorn levels of awesome). Being the most (UC) Gundam of the Gundam AUs, it deserved better than the treatment given to it by Fukuda and Murosawa.
Having said that, I would still rather see Crossbone get animated than another SEED show.