New Gundam Series

Today my friend told me they were making a remastered version of Gundam Seed Destiny. And they were also making a thing called Gundam AGE Origins.

It would make sense that they would make a 2nd AGE series. They normally do. And I’m also not surprised at them remastering SEED Destiny. Hopefully they will make some major changes to it this time around. But, that makes me want to wait and buy it on Blu-Ray when it comes out.

Im REALLY hoping that they do a complete overhaul on it to redeem it, but im not holding my breath. as for the second AGE, no comments…and what about Gundam: the Origin?

I would actually prefer them to finish the Seed universe with the movie that was promised a while back and then remaster the series

Well, all your hopes and wishes (if I may call them wishes) seem to be legitimate but …

Where’s Seed Astray ?
Where’s Crossbone Gundam ?

The two of them wouldn’t actually be enough for Sunrise to originate a Series, but a decent OVA I’d not refuse.

As for Seed Astray, a tremendously well animated series (and therefore making up for Seed + Seed Destiny’s animation flaws) would not be declinable.

Haven’t watched AGE yet.
Judging from what I’ve been told about and found out, it seems to be satisfactory. But I’d like the producers to be cautious NOT to mess AGE up similarly to how they did with 00 2nd season and awakening of a trailblazer

Ya I agree, Astray should be made since it has a very interesting story that could be extended to anime or OVA. Not sure about Crossbone. And DeathScythe, I think they didn’t mess up the 2nd season of 00. not as good as the 1st, but not bad at all. But the movie was kinda understating.

I had gone through the posts. I also heard about the remastered version of Gundam Seed Destiny. What is the latest version of Gundam Seed Destiny and which is the best place to collect the new Gundam series ? Could you please produce some more details aboout the topic for view detail information.

i am watching AGE now and it seems ok at least better than G. As to MSG:Origins it seems that would be a reimagined original.

SEED is a rebox, AGE I will be passing on outside of wiki, Really wish they would do some other series that need some sequels / prequels / side stories that the current generation of Gundam fans need to see.

00 : needs an anime prequel.
SEED: needs to be annihalated
Crossbone: needs an anime
Turn A: needs a remaster edition.
MSG: needs a major remaster.

Turn A doesn’t need a remaster. It’s far more enjoyable with the animation it was generated with back in 1999. IT NEEDS THE F**KING DUBS.

Don’t be too harsh on SEED. It has availed bandai a lot. Are you concious of how much Bandai has earnt, having broadcast SEED and its remastered versions ?

SEED Astray I’d love to get some Anime treatment. Same goes for Crossbone.

00 would do well, with an OVA being its prequel.

It’d be grand if MSG was re-edited.

00 Manga’s
UC Manga’s
Char’s Counter Attack Beltochika’s Children
Hathaway’s Flash
Gaia Gear
Gundam Seed Astray
A combined Gundam universe.

Now that I mentioned it, a “Early Shuffle Alliance” story would be nice.

Goes to sit in corner now

They do have that it’s a manga.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: 7th Fight

got owned.

I think in the near term, the best hope for a new series is going to be MSG: The Origin; I think I heard somewhere that they’re already working on it.
I doubt we’ll see a 2nd AGE series, it kept to the ~50 episode formula pretty well.
Further out, once Unicorn ends, its highly possible we’d see something for the gap in the UC timeline, between unicorn and victory, F91 is too short for that huge a timespan!

Gundam Crossbone
Hathaway’s Flash
Char’s Counter Attack Belthochicka’s Children
F91 was originally supposed to be 50 episode series but Bandai or Sunrise F’d that up.
Across the Sky

…or maybe a totally new major series with a female lead…

Just wishing. :slight_smile:

I don’t know man I think we should stick to UC because Bandai and Sunrise keep fucking up with all the alternate universes they wouldn’t even make it good it’s all just for the sale of mechs that’s it. Story doesn’t matter. I’ve been noticing how many alternate Gundam timelines outside of G Gundam and Turn A Gundam use Zeon or Titan like enemies hardly anything original. Let’s stick to the original for now and let’s hope it rubs off on the Gundam producers.

If Bandai and Sunrise keep on messing up with AU as you say, with all due respect, how will a story within UC can prevent such thing?

Whether the new series will be set in UC or not, I think it’s possible for Sunrise and Bandai to mess up if their top priority will be the selling of model kits other than a good story.

I have noticed something since 2000.
Don’t take this seriously though. XD

Seed = Good
Seed Destiny = Bad
00 = Good
Age = Bad
New Series = Good(?)