New gundam builder!

Hi, i am new to this forum, so far, i have built 2 (many more on the way) gundams.

gundams i have built:

HG barbatos form 4

MG rx-78-2 ver 1.5 (old kit made by bandai 2000)

next gundam i will build:

HG kimaris vidar

future gundams:

RG rx-93 hi nu gundam

Rg sazabi

some more Hgs and Rgs, i prefer 144 scale cause its cheaper and it makes better dioramas

I have been having tons of problems with the joints on my gundams, on my 2 gundams, they both randomly collapse while posing them (i like to pose the gundams alot) on my kimaris vidar, i do not want this to happen. i did some googling and i think i should topcoat my runners with a spray finish. is this a good idea? will this impede doing things like washing the model & weathering it? (i also dont know how to do this really. on my barbatos, i just smudged a ton of gundam marker on it.) any help and suggestions are welcome!



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Welcome to the forums!
Top coating will make the joints tighter. If you’re going to do a panel line wash, you’ll want to use a gloss coat first, as it will help the wash flow into the recesses. Then, you can matte coat after the wash has dried.

Hello Noah, I’m a fairly new builder as well, mostly HG’s as I really ,really HATE RG’s!!! Could you elaborate on how they’re “collapsing”? Are you using a stand?

no i dont have any stands, its like the feet pop off really easy or the weapons will just fall down or the kits will start doing the splits, when i built my kimaris vidar it was so terrible, its gimmick shields were worse than the barbatos backpack and its drill lance could not be held unless you did 2 arms and the shield thing to hold it up. i did build about 10 more gundams, none are really finished though, i have the bodies made. i really like gundam bael cause it has tight joints and was substantial, i built barbatos 6th form too, it looks cool but i dont like the mace, its really heavy. i also tried real grade exia and wing, i think exia is okay, but wing is horrendus, parts kept falling off and i cant hold the buster rifles cause the tabs snapped. some rg kits look nice but a lot of them suck too. my favorite that i am working on with a friend right now is gundam dynames mg, i am thinking about buying the other 3 mg 00 kits

Hopefully this helps