New Gundam Build Fighter

Be careful… you know, George Lucas also went back and retooled his legendary 1978 work and then came out with new movies set in the same universe… and people HATED those. Who is to say that, after all these years, Tomino’s flaws as a director might be greatly exaggerated and his commercial success might cause him to lose touch with what he was good at… or, for that matter, people are going to take kindly to the changes done in Gundam: Origin.

Heavens knows there were a lot of things that could have been changed to make the original Gundam series better, particularly in terms of continuity and character development. There were several episodes that were rather pointless and could have been cut while other storylines hardly got room to breath before they were brought to an abrupt ending-- and not entirely because the series didn’t extend out to the full 52 episodes originally planned.

But, then, the same thing was true of Star Wars. Particularly the original. Didn’t make anyone happier when Lucas tried to fix it… particularly given that some of the things he “fixed” didn’t need to be fixed and some of the things that could have been smoother were left unfixed.

I was just thinking about Star Wars, considering it’s relationship, and have to agree with it all.

Tomino’s a great director. Compared to the other writers and directors of AU’s, his stuff is more on par with a soap opera or even a big budget movie.
Looking at Wing and Zeta, Wing’s general ambience feels like any other anime while Zeta is years ahead in that sense of feeling, despite all characters having 70s haircuts and fashion designs.

But over the years he’s also directed other anime, which I think people liked, but didn’t manage to make ground breaking success like Gundam did, so why are we expecting him to make something that will blow us away?

There’s one thing that both Gundam and Star Wars franchises have in common, both of them are heavily violated by a number of different writers. Particularly the UC.

When many people work on a single thing, it loses it’s gloss. Same with Dragon Ball, these guys wanted to work on the success of Dragon Ball Z and make GT based on the original, and it was absolute crap.

I however feel that Tomino might surprise us, because unlike George Lucas, his writing doesn’t get conventional and becomes predictable.

(Btw, I did find some love for those SW prequel movies)

A Tomino series (I think it’s a full series) in the UC, that can’t be bad unless it’s Victory

Ok victory may not be best on anyone’s list of series but I don’t think its THAT bad, certainly not deserving of the scrutiny it gets in my opinion

I find some things weird in Victory such as the mobile suit designs, but generally, I liked it. Why was this series hated by many?

Already noticed Wing Zero made an appearance, in a mauve/scarlet colour.

How happy I would be if Zero were to shoot down Strike! (Let the hate begin)

When did you announce your hatred for SEED? I never noticed that before.

Since when do white Gundams ever fight one another? Virtually any time they appear together, they are always buddies.

They will only fight together against black or chromatic colored machines. Which I tend to like better than the white Gundams anyway, but rarely ever win.

He’s right.


I like this new series when are we ever going to see a Gundam series that combines all the Gundam worlds into one. What I mean is a series where we can see different Gundam face eachother and form allies with eachother. I even like the Gunpla concept where we combined different parts to create new ms’s.

Since when do white Gundams ever fight one another? Virtually any time they appear together, they are always buddies.

reborns Gundam vs 00

O Gundam vs Exia

Gundam AGE-fx(and AGE 3 before that) vs Gundam Legilis

Let’s not forget

Unicorn vs Banshee
Double X vs Virsago

Cut the smart ass shit. I mean from two different series.

00 Raiser Gundam vs Hi-Nu Gundam
V2 Gundam vs Destiny Gundam
Zeta Gundam vs Providence Gundam
F91 Gundam vs AGE Gundam FX

And the list can go on.

I was responding to jasters comment about white gundams fighting each other…

Also I have been talking in the forums for a while about different gundams from different universes on the same field…so im on the same page as you jae, I think its a good idea

Sorry, I’m in a bad mood today and thanks. I just want a Gundam series so we can have a lot of what if’s answered.

I guess I should post this in this topic.

What do you guys think about this game?

Well this is like the closest we’ve got in real life about Gunpla battle simulations. :slight_smile:


Let me say this :

I completed the beta several times while it was available. It’s not really something I’m interested in. I might get this once its price has sunk drastically.

How was the beta version? Are the controls fine tuned or was it awkward and difficult?

The later, especially jumping since jumping and dashing were the same button I constantly found myself doing the wrong thing…

I personally thought the controlls were fine. (Hold to Dash tap to jump like allot of Gundam games and games in general)

As to discribe how it playes I’d say it played allot like and felt like a 0081 Battlefield clone just with Customized suits. I have a more in depth review of the early beta in the topic I made about the game awhile back, I haven’t played any of the updates just that early version and I thought the game was loads of fun, it was challengeing at times customization was pretty nice, and the controlls were basic and got the job done.

What the heck man? I tried to play the vid and it says it was removed! >:(