New Gundam Build Fighter

So that variation of Strike Gundam is confirmed to be another Gunpla series. What do you guys feel about a Gunpla series? I did not watch the Beginning Gundam. Was this interesting? Is this some kind of a tournament?


I like the idea, and the fact that we are High Grades of the Wing Gundam, Gundam Double X, and the Victory Gundam is just fantastic! I hope that this series can come stateside.

According to what I’ve heard every main gundam from the TV series will make an appearance of some kind in this show. Which is something I am greatly looking forward too if its not in the form of brief background cameos

The series itself as I have posted around the forums many times, I think its a great idea. Beginning G was just a short advertisement for Gunpla stuff, and to be honest I expect this to be a long advertisement of Gunpla stuff, but I am ok with that because it appears they’re doing what I personally had wanted to see which is the potential for every gundam from all the timelines to appear on the same field of battle as allies or enemies, something that until now has been seen only in the realm of the video game world. Looking forward to it

P.S. I advise all my fellow forum members to not say the food tastes terrible if you haven’t eaten any. So give it a chance before you determine you won’t like it for one reason or another.

When I first saw Beginning Gundam, I wasn’t very much interested to be honest. I thought that it lacked content. However, I think I’m missing the point of the show. This is not a regular Gundam series where people die and there is a war going on. It’s about Gunpla with additional fan service of seeing the old units that we loved from 1979 redrawn and animated for the sole purpose of fan service.

I hope Bandai can come up with an original Gundam story in an alternate universe or U.C. using the original units from this series, but I feel that it’s not gonna happen.

Oh I’m definitely looking forward to this. I expect there to be more than there fair share of AC and AW suits. Hope there’s a cool new Exia variant.

at first, I thought it’s going to be like Beyblade… but then I viewed it and I was… DAMN!

I love it. I wish we had something like this when we where kids! Wow! I can’t wait to see this!

Isn’t this just LBX with Gundam models?

I like the Gazu’s, Gyan, Eagail and Dijeh were in this. Maybe when this gets turned into a game, they will be included.

So here’s my presumptious opinion :

So far, we’ve not got anything. However, what we are going to get is : High Grades of suits we’ve always demanded.
Judging from this trailer, we’re going to see many customized models in action.
However, it is unlikely for us to get something sharing characteristics of a Gundam series (death, drama etc.)

Verdict :
This will be a good way to kill some time until the Origin is broadcast.

For me, this is a good way to come to fangasm, in such a way that my heart gives out because I’m seeing multiple suits from different Gundam eras fighting each other.

Don’t forget about the fact that they are all customized suits.

Good enough. For me, it’s going to be like watching Beyblade all over again, but with 1/144 giant robots instead of spinning tops, so it’s not so wierd.

I hope in this series, the Gundam television series is apart of their universe.

Like the kids that do the battling are fans of the television series in their own world. Good stuff.

After seeing the trailer, not all suits are customized. Also, I’m really looking forward to it. It looks creative, promising and interesting.

If there’s a tournament within this story, I’m wondering if they banned the use of Turn A and Turn X. XD

If they do have the Turn A, Turn X, SUMO, or even the Mahiroo in any shape or form, it would be a very nice homage, haha.

I think they can do a lot of custom stuff for those designs, though, kinda like that Amazing Zaku.

Verdict :
This will be a good way to kill some time until the Origin is broadcast.

I really need to go back and check again because im pretty sure Bandai said that there will not be an Origin anime, but the folks on this site speak to me otherwise so it is worth looking back at.

Also I am an advocate of this series for the mobile suits that are present, its nice to see some of the less popular suits make a comeback like the ones from V Gundam and of course bearguy. I am not expecting much in terms of story/characters/development, but we’ll see I’ve had high expetations for gundam series before that utter crushed my hopes (Destiny) perhaps this will have the opposite effect for me.

Also: SUMO Gold ftw, I really hope we get to see the Turn A or Turn X appear in this show that would be epic :smiley:

There will be an Origin anime, it’s slated for 2014/2015, as is a new project of Tomino’s titled G-Reko. Here’s the link as proof that Origin is happening.

That’s just the most recent news update.

That said, as I said in the other topic, this dosen’t really intrest me, I don’t build modles, I’ve allways wanted to but I don’t (Though with the influx of new HG’s and Assesories because of this I may end up doing it) but even if I did I don’t know I like the war themes to Gundam and this is just a Beyblade/Pokemon meets Gundam type tournament show.

I’ll activate Moonlight Butterfly right away and breeze through the tournament! XD
I’ll get the prize!

Can’t wait for Tomino to get back in and save this franchise with his dark and cruel methods of animation direction.
Part of me wants him to create something better than Gundam, but not even God Gundam could do that.

Yeah, it’ll be good, it’s a Gundam work it’s self though from what I said. Apparently 1000 or so years into the Universal Century from what I’ve seen floating arround on the internet not much has been said about it recently untill that link, which is great news IMO.

A Tomino series (I think it’s a full series) in the UC, that can’t be bad unless it’s Victory.

I think everyone just gave up working with the UC in animation when those idiots produced G-Saviour, until Unicorn got it’s animation, and because it’s such a success, it’s nice that Tomino’s not hating his original work enough for him to actually work on something after over 10 years. 9 years if you count the Zeta movies. But we aren’t talking about G-Reko here.