New G Gundam Manga

New G Gundam announced in March’s Gundam Ace

Makes me wonder, we got new MG Wing kits right around the time the new Wing books were made. Could this mean new possible MG G kits?

If we do get new G kits, I’m buying another God Gundam on the spot even if the redesign ends up not being great.

They better no ruin redesigns but so far redesign look good.

This could be a completely different Gundam Tournament. God Gundam and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance Gundams might not make an appearance. I’m not holding my breath for anything G Gundam to hit the MG line just yet.

Ohhh, you’re right. That works out just as well, actually. Curious to see how it pans out.

LOL Squee Beat me to it!

Posting article also

So I wonder if this means if Domon will finally get the “King of Hearts” Suit or some werid but epic fusion of Master and God Gundams. I mean cant get higher then God can you?

Its supposed to be pretty much a retelling of anime.

Hey, the Maxter redesign can’t look any more ridiculous than the original design. lol