New anime to watch

Help me, I am stuck in the time where you want to watch anime but dont know what to watch.
I just finished Accel World and before that I saw Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. and before that i saw My Little Monster.
I watch action, romance, drama, comedy, slice of life type anime. my favorites are: Sword Art Online, Accel World, This Ugly yet Beautiful World, Rosario + Vampire (can’t wait for Capu3), Clannad (the only anime to make me cry), Full Metal Panic!, Gundam 00, Gundam AGE, Highschool DxD (funny cause its sexual), Oaran High School Host Club, Kazu no Stigma, Birdy the Mighty, The World God Only Knows (season 3 coming soon), Death Note, Toradora, and Demon King Daimao.

I have seen many more and they are all similar to these anime. If you know any anime titles that you think are similar to these and are quite interesting then PLZ tell me, im so bored and i need anime to watch.

You might want to watch Gantz.

Darker than Black. It’s pretty legit.

I’ve seen this anime both the 1st and 2nd season. How come I forgot about it?
It’s interestingly refreshing.

Have you seen Genesis of Aquarion, Black Cat or Sekirei? I enjoyed them and they weren’t on your list.

watch Katanagatari

Trigun isnt half that bad. Yes i know its an Old anime but hey the old ones are the classics. :p…though on the other hand Hellsing Ultimate is a great choice.

The only ones I’ve seen on that list are Full Metal Panic, Toradora (incompletely) and Death Note (Incompletely).
Oh my god man, you watch Highschool DxD and you openly admitted to it. Impressive.

Can I say Elfen Lied? Might be too extreme. There’s also “Eden of the East”.
One of my favourite mecha anime would be Martian Successor Nadesico. I don’t care much for the terrible voice acting, it’s funny.
That’s it.

A lot of good suggestions here, damn. Try Casshern Sins, but what ever you do, do not watch the dubbed version. Uh…Mushi-shi, Samurai Seven, Desert Punk, Canaan…I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

Have you seen the four OVA episodes in between the two seasons as well?

Seen all of them, they arent my favorites though

Kimi ni Todoke

What’s wrong with high-school dxd?

Alright, I saw angel beats and now thanks to Hadosan I’ll watch katanagatari.
Keep suggesting though, I’ll finish katanagarari in 3 days.

Zetman it’s a little different but I just watched the first 2 episodes and I’m hooked to watch the rest

Big O is another good one as well.

^ With Zechs i fully agree and endorse it…Speaking of which, can any give me a list of Dubbed and Subbed Anime thats worth Watching. i know thats alot to ask for but i need to broaden my anime scope…seeing as i only know of only scifi horror (like Trinity Blood another i reccomend) or Mecha (do we really need and example for this one :p) anime…

well thanks all of u, keep suggesting cause after im done, my thrist will not be quenched.

here you go man an old one but good one that will test you in ways you never knew Rurouni Kenshin

IF you ever watched Strait Jacket. i know its a Movie but it was an OVA at one point an i have to say it is EPIC. another would be Broken Blade and its a true masterpiece imo lol