Nerf Xploderz + Kampfer

Wat? Just… Wat? Awaits inevitable lawsuit

Wait… Wat. Has Bandai even seen this yet!?

Forwarding them the video of a Char custom Kampfer getting taken out by nerf guns would probably get their attention.

Lawsuit! Lawsuit! but it was still funny.

Oh god. And you expect me to believe that that is the scale a Kampfer is, and that mere plastic ballistic projectiles under a 30 lb spring can take it down. Alright. Bandai should do a response video of a bunch of Kampfers coming in and killing a bunch of people playing with nerf Xploders.

I forwarded the video to bandai, hopefully they’ll do something about it.

OMG that is just weird Maybe america has embraced gundam

Has hell frozen over? If not, no such luck. :frowning:

@SFA That’d be the coolest comercail ever, I cann see it now about five kids playin nerf and then a Kampfer zips buy and own’s them with the Shotgun LMFAO.

About America embracing Gundam, I hope so, I remeber at my old school Gundam was popular around the time G was new here, lol it was funny when everyone had Burning Gundam figures and stuff, I had a Gouf Custom, with the Gatling shield and everything it was funny, and awesome. Anyhow I saw a RX-78-2 in a Toy’s ‘r Us commercial for like two seconds this last X-mas, I just about **** my self when I saw it.

Wing actually was pretty huge in the US. The problem was that the series which followed it couldn’t maintain that popularity.

what followed wing?

I believe Endless Waltz, but I could be wrong.

It was G Gundam, and when G Gundam was over they put MSG on. MSG didn’t even get it’s entire run in due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Damn Terrrorists!!! Ever since 9/11 all the good shows were pulled until either the next year, or until 2003, and even after 2003 it all went down hill until OO hit SyFy. bloody hell!!

They must have played G twice then, because I rember seeing it around 2002 when I was in the 2nd grade.

Then I think they played 0083 on Adult Swim a few years back too, I don’t rember for sure, seeing as I saw it on DVD.

They played thru Wing atleast twice probably more, wouldn’t shock me if they did the same with G.

btw: what are Xploders anyway? Downgraded pellets or painless paintballs?

I didn’t think those guys would even be able to hit the Kampfer… Not with that paintjob at least.

I lol’d. And to think, if the Kampfers where actual scale. NERF just really screwed up with that commercial :confused:

Madness? THIS… IS… GUNDAM!!!