Needed Help: manual for 1/60 Unicorn fighter 03 phenex

to all pros here,

i needed help to find the manual as i lost it while moving house. any kind soul can direct me to where i can get a soft copy as i had been searching for days.
This site scans all the manuals for the models they sell. You should be able to find what you need there.

Unfortunately, or even Dalong probably will not be able to help gcvinz completely, because the manual asked for most likely for the Danban PG Phenex,

So official Bandai ones will probably only be able to guide, but not able to completely help.

There seemed to be someone scanned the Unicorn manual at and some build up pictures at .

However, if gcvinz’s Phenex was made by Dragon Momoko, if they ever made one, then might be out of luck as manual of Dragon Momoko, at least the PG Unicorn one, seemed to be harder to find online.

My sincere appreciation for this kind information.

Indeed the phones is by danban and I been trying to find the manual without much luck.

Tks for helping me to source. Have a great week to all…

No worries and you are welcome.

The “fighter” part was the give away because it seemed that Danban named many of their kits “fighter” instead of mention of Gundam for legality reason and possible in attempts to avoid being sued, but do not necessarily meant that Bandai will let them have their ways for the likeness.

In any case, hopefully the Unicorn manual will work, because Phenex should be modeled after the Unicorn, but there is no telling if Danban made other changes to their Phenex except the obvious parts such as antenna and such.

Give me a little while and I can scan the bandai Phenex NT version if you don’t find one.

This is PG Phenex MSV, I’ve scanned all the ones that are different from Unicorn.

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Thanks so much with my utmost appreciation, “It’s A Great help to figure out how to assemble the whole unit.

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