Need to pull apart a glued piece. Advice?

So, I messed up. I didn’t realize my mistake until I was going over the limbs to inspect imperfections and noticed I reversed the ball joint on the leg. Here is a picture:

I need to turn that ball joint around so it’s facing the other direction, but I need to pull apart the calf armor to do so. I used Testors Liquid Cement for Plastic. I was thinking maybe a dremel? I tried a razor but it’s nearly impossible. Maybe there’s a solvent out there that doesn’t hurt the plastic. Any ideas? Thanks!

I’m not exactly sure where that reversed ball joint is that you’re talking about. However, this is why I don’t use cement or glue on my models. Make one simple mistake and you’re screwed. Since you used plastic cement, it’s pretty much permanently welded together. Sorry about that.

I can’t seem to get rid of seam lines without it. I’m going to try a dremel

That ball joint is supposed to be turned around.

That dremel should do the work. You can also try photo-etched saws and a plastic cutter like the Tamiya P-Cutter II.

You can use putty to weld seams without making such a strong bond.

I actually got it apart. I was just about to use the dremel before I decided to try using an X-Actor knife again. I basically sawed the seam with the knife for awhile and it eventually cut through. Damage isn’t bad, just need to sand it. Thanks for all the help though guys

Glad you fixed it on your own.

Thanks. It’s a little rough and the seam line is almost impossible to hide. Oh well. It was an old F-90 model.