Need help with Wing EW/Ver. Ka Buster rifle grip

hi… :slight_smile:

i just started building MG Wing EW, and stumbled upon its inability to hold the Buster Rifle.
does/did anyone ever modify its hand so that it’s able to hold the Buster Rifle properly ?

thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

First off, welcome to the boards! Can you elaborate on the problem that you’re having the hand and the gun? Do the fingers fall off of the hand?

hi, thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

actually, i was a member of, but i forgot my username n password. so i re-registered, haha… :frowning:

well then, it’s not the fingers, those are fine :slight_smile:
the Buster Rifle keep falling due to its weight, and there’s nothing to help it stay on the hands.
i’ve been searching about modifications to the hands to help them “grip” the huge rifle, as i did recall seeing it somewhere in the web, but to no success…

so i thought, let’s ask around… :slight_smile:

Oh, then welcome back! The best I can tell you is to tighten the fingers. I’m sorry for the less than competent answer. Thwalker or Dlinker can help you better than I can on this.

The simplest solution is to get something adhesive and use it to essentially glue the weapon to the hand. Safest option is Blu-Tak and maybe double-sided tape.

Thanks for the idea :slight_smile: i’ll try putting some paint to the fingers’ joints to tighten them. :slight_smile:

yeap. i thought of that too… but i still want to keep the hand/fingers posable, or at least movable, somehow… because Wing EW/Ver. Ka is the only one in the series (MG) that have movable fingers…

This should help.

Does the rifle attach to the hand via a peg or slot of some kind?

I researched it, and it doesn’t. It just sits in the hand freely, which is why it has so many problems holding it.

Hmm, I don’t see why Blu-Tak won’t work then. Take a wad of it, wrap it around the handle that the hand holds, then squeeze the hand shut.

Or maybe take a wad and place it under the part that covers the forearm, then stick it to the forearm.

If you’re good at modifications. There is a another solution that I saw a long time ago. I believe it was done on the Wing Zero Custom MG. But the builder took a very small metal rod and put it inside the palm of the hand. He drilled a small hole in the palm and glued it in place. He then took the same drill bit and made another hole in the rifle grip. Simply put the grip on the peg, close the hand, boom your done. The Blu-Tak is the way easier way to go. But that builder did not want to use it. So he found a more permanent solution.

I got beaten by a minute with my post…
If you have a set of micro drills you could drill you own hole and cut a small piece of wire and make your own peg. I just got a set for situations like this but I haven’t done much with them yet, just a thought.

I don’t see how blu tak wouldn’t work.