Need help, no marking placement page in manual

so I have a 1/100 mg strike freedom kit(regular, not full burst), and no callout page telling me where to put the marking stickers, which isn’t a situation I’ve ever found myself in before.

I have absolutely no ducking clue where to put half of them and am wondering if someone has a placement guide they can share from EITHER version of the MG strike freedom.

…well this is nice…I just discovered the last two pages were stuck together in that way that clean paper can do with absolutely no reason for it, and given the second to last page is a fold out page…I didn’t think anything of it.

I feel REAL smart right now ^^;

guess I’ll be extending my slight paranoia to include faint distrust of manuals now?


Just for future reference, you can find all normal release manuals on and

so…what section of each site can the manuals be found on?

For Dalong just find what grade your kit is, find your model and click on it, under the name you’ll see “Information” and click on that. You’ll find scans and pictures of runners here.

Similar thing for 1999
Easiest way is to search the site for kit ( IE MG Strike Freedom) and you can either click on the kit’s picture to show all images, or scroll down to scans you’re looking for.

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Yep, as @MR_JQ suggested, whenever have question about something in the manual, just want to check on the manual, have no manual, or even if too lazy to open the booklet, have always went to either or HobbySearch AKA .

For better resolution, you will want to go to HobbySearch. Their scans have much higher resolution than that of Dalong, but their site is a little bit harder to navigate at first. Best part is that they have both English and Japanese sites, though English site do not always have everything that Japanese side have.

For Dalong part, the issue might be most of them are in Korean, he did have English menu, but other than those, the mention of Information and Review for the kits, most of other stuffs were in Korean. Cannot help it, he is doing it as hobby after all. But still one of the best site to find information about Gunpla related stuffs.

By the way, regardless of which MG Strike Freedom you got, the stickers and decals should be the same for both, they just have difference in color and Full Burst actually have few extras than the norma one as noted by Dalong . So you actually can use Full Burst Mode’s manual for reference if needed.

I’m SO smart…I wasn’t visiting the right hobby search site…I was on the japanese version ^^;

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