Need for ginormous amount of tips/anwsers

Ok so I’m relatively new to the gundam community. I’ve watched almost the whole UC anime series and the build fighters ones. I’ve also build 3 HG kits, 2 RG and 1 SD. (Just as background information on how far I am to becoming a gundam freak yk).

Although I’ve build some kits and have watched hours upon hours of anime I still feel like I’m barely scraping the surface of what there is to be know from this community. Also a side thing is that I’ve never really been in touch with the community itself. I though it would be time to get in touch so I found this forum which I hope is relatively active and has friendly users to help me with my questions, which introduces my first question:

  1. What is the best way to be in touch with this community? Is here the place to be? For now I’ve been on reddit but idk if it’s the best place for it.

  2. What series do you recommend for someone that likes cool mechas alot? (With this I don’t want the story to be lame but I’m kinda an artistic guy. For me the pleasure of watching a series comes mainly from building featuring mecha that comes after.)

  3. What is a solid step by step process of building a gunpla well? (This is a big questions sorry for that, I’ll further explain: My process of building right now is this:

  1. Removing parts from the trays and sanding them
  2. Panel lining them with gundam markers (the very liquidy ones)
  3. Putting everything together, done.
    This for me feels very minimalistic. Like I said earlier I’m a very artistic guy and really really precise. I’m looking for more of a challenge. Right now i have a Hyaku Shiki ver.2 being shipped and I want to paint it like Nils Nielsons’. (Just has red parts on it). I have alot of enamel paint from humbrol. I’m questioning if this is a good paint for the job and im asking for tips how to paint.
    Also I’ve heard you need to have a ground layer, a paint layer, a top coat layer, a sticker/decal/panel line layer and a top coat layer again above it.
    For this bit I’m asking if it’s the correct order to do it and with which supplies to do all of these things.)

These are for now all of my questions (if i didnt forget some). Also forgive me for grammar or spelling mistakes. English isn’t my native language. I’m also new to this site so I’m still figuring out how it all works and stuff :P.

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These are just my opinion, hopefully more will chime in.

#1 Forums, reddit, and instagram are all good places to be in touch with the community. I also find youtube videos by people who build and review them to be very helpful. (Two channels I sub to are, It’sAGunpla and Mecha Giakotsu)
If you do the Facebook thing there are also gunpla groups there.

#2 This is going to be subjective. Outside of UC and build fighters, I personally like Gundam 00 and Iron Blooded Orphans.

#3 You can use enamel paint, but personally, I think acrylic is better to work with. (Ease of use, clean up, non-toxic)

Always use a primer and never apply enamel paint to bare plastic.

Which kind/brand of primer should i use for enamel?

Also does anyone know if the order of primer - enamel - top coat - panel line/sticker/decal - top coat is correct?

So yes, which kind of top coat and primer?

The type of primer doesn’t matter much so long as it can be used on plastic. Prime will help the paint adhere to the model and it prevents the colored plastic from affecting the color of your paint. Enamel paint can make bare plastic brittle. This is why you need apply it without using primer first.

Gloss clearly
Gloss clear
Panel line
Top coat.

You can use spray cans of you like. Personally I use a airbrush which gives you better control. I use Mr. Color, Alclad Metals, and some Vallejo paints.


I recently found a brand called SMS on USA gundam store that comes thinned so you can just put it in the airbrush and go, I’ve had good success on a model I’ve been painting for a while now especially considering it’s my first airbrushing model. They’re pretty much only available through there in the states cause they’re Australia based.